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Canned LiveService TwistedMetal game among layoffs (Read 330 times)

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Canned LiveService TwistedMetal game among layoffs
03/11/24 at 19:55:39
Good news and bad news.

Bad news is the Firesprite Twisted Metal game has been cancelled because of mass layoffs under Sony.

Good news is it would been a Live Service game and thus we dodged a bullet by it not happening.

Twisted Metal would be a lot better off not being an exclusive brand at this point. Sony doesn't know what to do with it.

Personally I am relieved this game is not happening - but I am also sad for the many people who have lost their jobs. Sony is clearing struggling with their Playstation brand though. At this rate I would not expect a new Twisted Metal game to happen on the Playstation 5.

If I could advise them I would say in order to promote the 2nd season of Twisted Metal the television series they ought to re-release the rest of the Twisted Metal games for modern consoles (since retro releases are trending again) and focus on merchandising (to take advantage of the television show's following of fans). Then perhaps bring Twisted Metal to the comics again, since the TM2 tie-in comic turned out to be somewhat popular despite never having been officially sold. Then once the brand is strong they will be able to NOT CANCEL a freaking Twisted Metal game that's been rumored about for years and passed through two gaming studios who didn't even seem all that interested in making a Twisted Metal game. It was either a Destruction All-Stars type of forgettable car combat game, or a live service game... which is a recipe for disaster - I mean, look how Avengers & Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League did as live-service games... A live service Twisted Metal game would have been dead on arrival if it wasn't dead without arriving.

This really just reminds me of Harbor City all over again - sure, they are different situations but they are kind of the same. TMB2 didn't happen because games trended in a trajectory that didn't favor the original concept... with the whole GTA style of games. So Harbor City would not have been what TM2 was to TM1, where TM2 took what TM1 was doing and made an attempt to improve/enhance what was there... Harbor City could not simply be another Black, it was being compromised with on-foot missions, for example, and then the house of cards falls as a result. A live-service Twisted Metal game would have been TM trying to fit in with a genre of games it doesn't really belong in, and it didn't make any business sense.

I totally expected the game not to happen, but it still sucks for those who wanted it to happen. I feel for those who got a Playstation 5 thinking there would be a Twisted Metal game eventually... but nah, just like Playstation 4 there is no Twisted Metal in sight outside of the familiar trilogy of games which is starting to feel played out. It's almost like Sony fundamentally misunderstood the TMA philosophy. We wanted more games like TM1, TM2, & TM: Black... we didn't want to get only stuck with those 3 TM titles for the rest of our lives.

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Re: Canned LiveService TwistedMetal game among layoffs
Reply #1 - 03/15/24 at 04:41:31
I had mixed feelings myself and you pretty much summed it up for me. Probably would of ended up looking like some fortnite with TM characters.
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Re: Canned LiveService TwistedMetal game among layoffs
Reply #2 - 04/14/24 at 03:15:03
Perhaps it is being developed by another source, who knows and who cares anymore.

Its been too long so its obvious Sony has no interest.

Not going to waste my time trying to figure out why anymore.

Just keep playing other games until something happens.

Mort should open a section promoting other games, even NON SONY ones just to poke Sony in the eye.

And teasing us with that stupid mini series...oh I wanna use the 'F' word so bad now.

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