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Twisted Metal resources (Read 73 times)
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Twisted Metal resources
11/27/23 at 01:19:03
Today I am happy to share with everyone the contents of my GDrive folder which contains all of the resources I have gathered over time on all things Twisted Metal (and others, but about 95% TM).
These files include:

All models I have currently ripped from every TM game. Most vehicles have been dumped, though most still need a little work, many levels and assets have also been dumped.

Texture dumps from all games (Original and upscaled)

Pics of merchandise and games cases.

Concept art, pics from beta builds, and hundreds of magazine articles and review scans.

Lots of custom original 3d print ready models from multiple games.

Lots of emulators and programs to aid in dumping game models.

There is lots more stuff in there, feel free to look around and use whatever you would like.


If you have anything you would like to add, please send them on over. I am always available in the TMA Discord channel, where I post regular updates to the folders.
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