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TM1/High Octane Endings – Psychedelic Edition (Read 137 times)

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TM1/High Octane Endings – Psychedelic Edition
05/27/22 at 19:22:51
TM1/High Octane Endings – Psychedelic Edition

I decided to make my own edited versions of the unpolished Twisted Metal 1995 (aka High Octane & Urban Assault) Lost (& Found) live-action endings starring Charles Lance Simco as Calypso. I put it in playlist form so it can be watched like a movie.
Since no clean copy ever existed, with Jaffe only having it on VHS before he sent to TMA’s Founder who put them on file for the former TMAlliance site late 2001 ( https://web.archive.org/web/20021001211047/http://www.tmalliance.com/tm1/movies.... ), circa the time Twisted Metal Black was launching.
The VHS was later sent to me for a few years where I kept it safe and didn’t damage it or sell it off before the VHS returned to the original owner for Twisted Metal Head-On Extra Twisted Edition PS2 which has the endings-only from TM1, and the old TMA exclusive versions are available on YouTube with the Apocalypse 9 & News Channel interludes (*fuck those scenes, tbh). 
But having watched it in VHS format originally I found it easier to forgive how shitty it looked, because everything looked shitty on VHS, but I find myself really having fun editing the videos in different ways, and adding background music (except on Darkside's ending) because I mean, why not play around with them? I think this version of Twisted Metal is probably the funniest of all of them, and Calypso is great in just about every scene. The worst thing though was the background video static/noise is so bad and loud that when I slowed certain scenes down they just end up being far more noticeable and annoying. Maybe I should have grabbed the audio and with a DAW applied some filters for that, but I kind of just did this for fun anyway. It’s a psychedelic journey of the High Octane competition, although Warthog/Crimson Fury didn't come out great only because nothing really interesting happened in those endings, so I started the playlist with them just to get those two boring endings out of the way... what? Don't look at me like that, those two endings suck in comparison to the others.

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