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David Jaffe Defends TM PS (Read 1122 times)
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David Jaffe Defends TM PS
01/24/22 at 22:24:29

Here is my take on this.

1) I agree that TM PS3 was NOT a BOMB but it was not great either.
It was a half baked game with many issues.
TM2 92
TMB 88
TM PS3 78
TM1 76
All the others were a waste of time and not worth even
2) I think the driver's storylines were nothing but window dressing and multiplayer was the ONLY important thing in this game so I highly agree with David on this one. Sony should have just let the team just do there job, instead they screwed it up.

3) I did complain about the controls, the flexability was greatly reduced with those fucking default settings.
David said they were going to deal with it but nothing ever happened.

4) I did not know that POLITICS and EGOS were involved in that fucking racing game, a racing game in TM? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I know what happened, FUCKING SONY!!!!!!!!!

5) For some reason I always thought that Jaffe was responsible for the NO BETA, now Dave says it was SONY?  NO BETA  REALLY!!????
The fact that Sony allows these people to make decisions is mind boggling.

6) I agree with Dave on the Gamestop issue.
If talented game programmers get bigger cash offers to accept other careers, they will simply not make video games.
Its simple you want great games you need great game designers or you don't get great games anymore.

Sony might need more $ to keep these guys so I'm all for Sony getting more money.

I have been a gamer for 43 years now and Twisted Metal was my all time favorite, esp Tm2 and black.

I want to personally thank Dave, Scott and the team   for everything they have done over the years and wish them well.

I would love to see this team do a VEHICLE COMBAT game someday just like Critical Depth and Rogue Trip, this has so much potential but like many others things will likely not see the light of day.

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