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TOP 20 BEST TMPS3 PLAYERS (Read 1406 times)
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11/26/21 at 02:58:23
Hi, I am a veteran player, I wanted to share with you a top I made of the best TMPS3 players I have faced in the Online mode, both individually and in teams.
I considered ; Attack, defense, strategy, team play, individual play.

And my top would be:

1.- Jcub / Erutcetichra
2.- Muddy Maestro
3.- Ryanj / TM CHEATER
4.- Deths_Requiem / Euphorum
5.- CorFlora 
6.- NoID / Beyonder
7.- DoublePenalty
8.- Junior
9.- DaRuler
10.- Coldhand
11.- Leizar / Demon
12.- BladeAngel / Eternal Echos
13.- Campoy
14.- X-ployt
15.- HateEternalRage
16.- John VAHCR
17.- Iron_Black
18.- JoseNevermind
19.- Goroh
20.- WeroPereira
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Reply #1 - 01/20/22 at 07:29:48
Very cool list.
Out of curiosity what was your name on there?
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Human – Fungus Hybrid

I Love Space Jam!

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Reply #2 - 09/30/22 at 11:47:11
You make list not good at all of best players in top 20. Let us review list

.- Jcub / Erutcetichra                     Yes I agree very good player in top 20
2.- Muddy Maestro                         Good player who gets better with time probably in top 20                                        
3.- Ryanj / TM CHEATER.                Not good player easy to kill no offense or defense
4.- Deths_Requiem / Euphorum.    Yes definitely player good in top 20
5.- CorFlora                                         CorLovesDollface is better but yes top 20
6.- NoID / Beyonder.                           Absolutely not is this bad joke?
7.- DoublePenalty.                               Probably top 20 yes great player
8.- Junior.                                              LoL what is this I don't even
9.- DaRuler.                                            This player improve with time but still average compared to the best
10.- Coldhand.                                        Yes top 20 easily. Delicious player
11.- Leizar / Demon.                              LoL what no not good
12.- BladeAngel / Eternal Echos.         Great guy but only elite not top 20
13.- Campoy.                                            Underrated legend but not top 20 quite
14.- X-ployt.                                          Only good to stream and launch gurney not top 20 by long shots
15.- HateEternalRage.                         The alt account of a top 20 but alt account do not count
16.- John VAHCR.                                 Camping most rated over vermin not great
17.- Iron_Black.                                       Pretty good player not top 20
18.- JoseNevermind.                           Legend but joke for top 20 lol
19.- Goroh.                                           Gets better with age but not even top 20 at all
20.- WeroPereira.                                 Alt account and bad one at that weak player

This list not include most real top 20 player like me with sweettooth take baby from candy. I dominate all player well most player besides 2 below. Also, no Robinnio so much talents are 100% no Chriz4321 beast shadow great with lots of cars? I hate yurnxt always dominate me make fool of me with video but even I admit true top 20 player when he kill me and dominate so easy with every car and never die rare even fastcar but not on your list? No Ibeer axle monster? No giraffe who ignorant? No Vadimony controversies all great player? No larebare best weed player in existence. My idol Chaos animator not on list? Greatest player ever only for first year then me and top 20 pass him up in talent Andy French not on list?

Players I list absolutely better in all way than player you list unless for top 20. Your post not serious right?
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