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My Experience With A Toxic Chick Streamer (Read 776 times)
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My Experience With A Toxic Chick Streamer
10/31/21 at 21:36:44
Wanted to post this just to shoot the shit in a way haha. This has to do with a chick streamer who I kind of meddled with where she stepped over so many boundaries not only to me but to others I know in another community. This is to show she stepped over boundaries as a streamer, friend and just as a person in general. And to prove anyone can act psycho online no matter what gender you are.

This happened back in June on both Twitch and Discord when one chick who was a follower of one streamer her and I both followed on Twitch. The chick who was another follower wanted me to personally friend her on both Twitch and Discord. Telling me she was lonely and wanted people to talk to and I had no intentions to make it romantic or anything like that since this experience was strictly online. This experience lasted about a month.

The beginning of it was fine until she started to keep tabs on me like when she noticed I would dip in and out of one of her streams or a watch party on Discord. Not only that but she would want constant chatting going on in either Discord or her Twitch streams. She would even get moody by showing her feelings through emotes when I disappear or miss some event online. And it would start to get a bit dangerous with her with what I learned about her from someone.

Another person I know from Twitch had let me know how he was being mentally and psychologically abused by this woman for over 18 months. The chick would constantly block or ban him then want others to know she wants to talk to him again only to repeat the abusive cycle on him over and over. She even went too far by threatening to commit suicide if this one guy did not talk to her. It made me say "What the fuck" once I learned this about this chick we both thought was cool because she had the same interest in a hobby as us.

She came off as a total attention seeker. Not only through that but also posting a lot of sexually provocative messages. That sounds cool coming from a chick who is actually hot but once it got to a point where she did it too many times that it was cringe worthy like she needed to be called a wannabe Twitch thot. Not only that she also got instantly jealous if I were to use another chick streamer's emotes and she privately started arguments over non issues and starts to play victim in a way. And her comparing herself to other chick streamers was bad for her and she was new like low level on Twitch.

As a streamer you do not try to force people to watch your streams or try forcing a viewer to chat. Issues come up like we are away from a keyboard, internet issues or emergencies which this fucking chick did not think of since she is not acting normal. As a friend of course you show respect but this chick did not think properly when going too far in these habits of herself. She would start to blame others for why she has no one to talk to but her behavior pushed people away from her and she even got herself banned from other female streamers when trying to start a fight with them if she were to find out you were also a viewer or friend of another chick. And also if you are feeling suicidal get fucking professional help. Do not use suicide as a tool to get attention from anyone or anything. It is simply fucked up.

Those were a couple of examples of my experience with this toxic chick. I think I got to cover most of this subject. Thankfully my experience was not terrible like the other guys had to endure from this specific streamer. Hopefully this resonates with others and maybe as a lesson to try keeping in mind.
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