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TM: LSD - A Stu Story (Read 1954 times)

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TM: LSD - A Stu Story
03/22/21 at 22:35:21
Twisted Metal: LSD - A Stu Story
by MoshTMA

Stu Cochrane lives at his grandma Granny Dread's house and is wasting away another inner demon day in L.A.

Stu's older brother, Bruce Cochrane, died last Christmas in the illegal, mysterious demolition derby known as Twisted Metal; a car, or vehicular fighting contest where losers are killed and one winner claims a big prize.

Not much else is known about the contest, but it happens once a year at a random location or locations, having taken place in areas like California, New York, Nevada, Florida, and even outside the USA in places like Russia, Brazil, and Hong Kong. International Twisted Metal contests were rare though. Twisted Metal is more of an American thing. The police, National Guard, and military are unable to deal with the contest as it is cloaked in so much mystery, and the press struggles to cover it accurately - most of their coverage being considered fake news. Those police officers whom have tried to interfere while the contest was active have died in the pursuit for justice in horrific ways. The Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world are too afraid to address the Twisted Metal sport that leaves so many dead. Those who have spoken out have disappeared shortly thereafter. Twisted Metal have kept the conspiracy theorists working overtime with Alex Jones reclaiming a prominent role in media with theories about midget clowns secretly running the contest who are trying to establish a Clown World Order.

Anyway, current events aside, Stu Cochrane has been fighting depression, mental illness for about a year now, spending most of his time with his friend Mike Giam, another young stoner from the neighborhood wasting his life. Mike has also been mourning, having lost his friend Dave Jaffe, also to Twisted Metal. Dave, like Bruce, entered the contest, but unlike Bruce, Dave was not even invited, so when he interfered in battle driving his monster truck into an arena and crushing a customized dune buggy, killing off a mercenary who never saw it coming, those in charge of the contest were enraged and their security forces opened fire on Dave, killing him for interfering in the contest. The monster truck was left behind and Mike was able to save it to honor his dead friend who would have wanted the truck saved. Mike now calls the truck Hammerhead, named after Dave's favorite heavy metal band. Unlike Mike, Stu was more into funk and classic rock. He styled himself after the great guitarist Jimi Hendrix, with a similar hair style and fashion sense. Stu ignored the trends of the current time (the 90s) and lived in the 60s and 70s, whereas Mike mentally lived in the 80s and 90s.

Stu's Grandmother, Natty Dread, an old, frail looking black woman with dreadlocks is quite mean spirited, constantly complaining about any noise not coming from televisions. She is obsessed with television, from sitcoms, movies, sports, news, cooking shows, cartoons … Granny Dread is a TV addict. She watches several TVs at once and she keeps a baseball bat by her side to use on anyone dumb enough to distract her while she is engaged with a TV program, unless it's a commercial, which she despises. One time a mailman rang the bell too long while Granny Dread was watching TV and she was so upset she took her baseball bat and attacked the mailman - and then even accused him of a hate crime. Because of her angry state of mind, Stu rarely even talks to Granny Dread, but it's the only family he has, just like Mike is the only friend he has. Well, unless we count Vinnie.

Vinnie was the best friend of Bruce Cochrane, Stu's big brother. Vinnie was the one who encouraged Bruce to enter Twisted Metal. Bruce wanted to bring peace to all neighborhoods, after going through so much himself, like the kidnapping and murder of his girlfriend by the gang known as The Pizza Boys, a gang of white rappers with no freestyle skills who stuffed pizzas down the mouths of their victims. After Angel, Bruce's girlfriend, was found dead in an alley with a pepperoni slice stuffed in her mouth, Bruce and Vinnie went for revenge, using flamethrowers to torch several Pizza Boys at one of their hangout spots. They looked like burnt up pizzas after Bruce and Vinnie were done with them. They did the rap world a huge favor, but Bruce was not an evil man, he envisioned a world where there were no drive-by shootings, muggings, kidnappings, murders, rapes, gang warfare, and "Criminals Robbing Innocent Motherfuckers Everytime" (to quote a song by Wu-Tang Clan's GZA). Bruce was a dreamer and a peacemaker, but Vinnie was a coward deep down. Vinnie was offered to join Bruce in Twisted Metal but turned it down after going through the trouble of convincing Bruce to take the offer he received from someone who calls himself Calypso. Obviously a pseudonym but many think Calypso is the ringleader of the contest. Others think he is a lackey. How could one person run such an operation? Who knows? Vinnie feels guilty about it all and gives Stu money from time to time, saying that Bruce would have wanted Vinnie to look after Stu if Bruce were no longer around. Most of Vinnie's charity money goes towards buying weed, of course. But not even the best hash gets Stu feeling happy. Stu's soul is dead. Even Mr. Grimm could care less for it. Stu needs a new high, as he leaves his house to go smoke a blunt with Mike.

And so starts a new Twisted Metal, as Calypso is currently finishing off the roster. Calypso decides he'd reach out to both Stu and Mike to be the final contestants. Stu gets to try and avenge his brother who fought bravely last year and Mike can get the chance his friend never did. Calypso is pleased with his decision and makes his call to Stu and Mike while they are smoking a blunt in a playground. Instead of a phone call Calypso instead appears as a hallucination.
Stu and Mike are used to hallucinations, so they were not shocked at all to see a cloud of smoke change into a human form and start speaking. They agree to drive Hammerhead in the contest, much to the delight of the Calypso cloud hallucination.

The two, Stu and Mike, get in Hammerhead, and follow Calypso's directions to the battleground location. Before they fight they stop at a garage where masked armed guards are as well as car mechanics. Hammerhead gets upgraded with machine guns mounted on each side, a missile launcher on the top and a mine dropper mechanism installed on the rear, along with some other goodies, a grenade launcher, flamethrower, and an electrical weapon, plus a few shotguns for the drivers if they want to get up, close, and personal with their opponent.

The first battleground is in the San Diego Zoo at night. The night guards are not so lucky, as Calypso's forces decide to feed them to the lions and crocodiles. They also free the primates and elephants, just to make the fight more fun. One of the Twisted Metal drivers is not so lucky… driving an ATV into a pack of gorillas - not the brightest idea Gene Ruttish ever had, but the last idea he ever had.
And an elephant has a bit of an edge over a motorcycle driver, even one that shoots flaming skulls, as if by magic. The elephant crushed the helmeted motorcycle driver… crushed into a pile of broken bones shortly after the motorcycle quickly destroyed the trash man driving the garbage truck and the hippie chick driving the Volvo who had been in a duel near the part of the zoo where the giraffes were.
A monster truck like Hammerhead had a huge advantage in a zoo fight, scaring off the animals instead of inviting their wrath. Round 1 of this Twisted Metal contest goes to Stu and Mike as they clinch the win by launching grenades into a double decker bus driven by some asshole dressed in a T-Rex dinosaur costume. He kept roaring throughout the fight until he blew up. Too bad we'll never know more about the dino dude who died at a zoo.

Round 2 and 3 happened elsewhere without Hammerhead, as Stu and Mike awaited the winners of those rounds that they would fight in Round 4, the semi-finals round. The fifth round had the winner of round 4 against the winner of the previous contest. At least according to the instruction manual that was given to them by Calypso's security at the garage. Stu and Mike wondered who even won the previous contest.

Round 4 is at the parking lot of 3Com Park at Candlestick Point, formerly known as Candlestick Park - the home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, and the last place The Beatles had a concert at. Calypso is apparently a big baseball fan. His favorite player of all time was Willie Mays. Who knew? His hallucinatory appearances were amusing to Stu and Mike. Calypso was weird in a good way, they thought.
The battle near the bay started off to an intense start. The Front Loader construction vehicle
was the clear frontrunner this round but Hammerhead's big wheels were too strong for the front loader's teeth. It was an epic brawl that lasted many minutes and left craters where parking spots were. Napalm was added to the inventory this round, and the stadium was set afire near the bay where seagulls began to flee for their lives. While the front loader could not grab the monster truck, the monster truck could not finish the fight - so someone else did, a speed racer driving a Formula IndyCar speed racer, used a special ability to generate a twister out of her vehicle, and by doing so on the front loader managed to shoot it towards the ocean where it drowned. It happened so fast.
The Twister generating IndyCar racer then attempted the same trick on Hammerhead only to have it backfire. Stu and Mike used their electrical weapon, zapping the Indy racer and knocking the speed racer back, freeing Hammerhead from the twister. Hammerhead landed, and turbo'd into the speed racer, wheels crushing and stopping it for good.
Hammerhead wins the pennant! Hammerhead wins the pennant!
Calypso tells Stu and Mike to prepare for the final round.
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Re: TM: LSD - A Stu Story part 2
Reply #1 - 03/22/21 at 22:36:05

So far, so good – so what?
What do Stu and Mike want now that they are about to fight the boss?
Stu says how unhappy his home life is with Granny Dread being his only family, and Mike goes on about his dead, metalhead friend.
They both agree on the thrill of the kill, that they found a new high with Twisted Metal, but it can’t last forever. They need to think of what they want as a prize. Calypso was vague on what they can get, only saying it could be anything they desire outside of wishing for more wishes. Stu and Mike think about it, and decide they really want a lifetime supply of LSD, aka acid, a psychedelic drug, if they win. They figure they can get very high and very rich, and maybe even enlightened in a way no rock star ever dreamed to be through the use of recreational trips. Hell, they could give away a lot of it to people who need it. There are lots of people looking to get really high out there. Bruce would have appreciated Stu looking out for the needs of others who only can get crappy quality weed. And it’s very hard to find good acid nowadays. Stu and Mike have looked, and looked, but only one guy was able to hook them up. A guy named Crazy Joe used to sell them ‘cid near the canals of their suburban neighborhood. But he used to sell them overpriced because Stu and Mike were young, stupid, and desperate to trip. Dave used to trip too. Bruce and Vinnie were not so much into acid, not that they were saints, they used to get wet and smoke PCP at times. Truth be told, they got the habit from Granny Dread, who was a hardcore addict, back in the day. Granny Dread used to get dusted watching TV all the time. Unfortunately Crazy Joe the ’cid dealer got killed by some crazy clown weirdo, a Joker-wannabe who escaped jail a few years ago, and it’s been awhile since Stu and Mike have tripped.

Round 3 is ready to begin. This is the final round of Twisted Metal, taking place near morning time. The sky is starting to transition out of darkness.
The final round is in the beachfront city of Santa Monica, California, near the pier and beach.
Stu and Mike smoked a joint and listened to Sevendust while they waited and speak of times of old when Bruce and Dave were around.
So who was the previous winner of Twisted Metal that they have to face?
A Jeep Wrangler monster truck drives into the arena, facing Hammerhead.
Stu and Mike look towards the driver and are shocked when they see who it is.
Driving the Jeep Wrangler is Granny Dread, the grandmother of Stu.

Out of a loudspeaker given to them by Calypso’s forces Stu speaks out,
“Grandma, what the fuck??? The fuck you doing??”
Out of her loudspeaker Granny Dread responds.
“Little Hendrix bitch, please. You annoy the shit out of me when I’m trying to watch TV when you
Play your classic rock records, just like your older brother/my other grandson did when he blasted those damn rap records! I was invited to the contest last year along with your big brother. I accepted and I won and it was me that eliminated him! And now I will destroy you! And then I can get dusted and watch TV in peace.”
Stu was shocked by the truth. He knew Granny Dread was a crazy old bitch, but didn’t realize the extent of her evil nature.

The battle of monster trucks ensued. A sluggish fight between the green Hammerhead and the red Dreadhead was getting a lot of attention from the online sports gambling world who were 50/50 on who would win this final round of this mid-90s Twisted Metal contest.
Dreadhead was the faster of the two but not as heavy a vehicle as Hammerhead, so it was a balanced fight. Dreadhead went for the ram slam, attacking Hammerhead on the side. Mike aimed his shotgun through his side window at Natty Dread, who flipped him off before he misfired and hit her rear view mirror. Dread reached for a crossbow gun and shot an arrow into Mike’s arm. Mike yelled, as Stu turbo’d Hammerhead away from the palm tree filled streets and did an extreme turn towards the beach. Granny Dread followed and laughed like a maniac, feeling as if she were about to be victorious. The two chased each other in the beach sands of Santa Monica, misfiring and dodging fire missiles and machine gun bullets while unlucky beachgoers scream in terror.
Several police officers try to interfere in the fight, only for Calypso to prevent it with the use of his dark magic, freezing them like human ice cubes without even being physically there at the scene.

Mike’s arm was bleeding pretty bad and Stu was concerned. Mike told Stu he lamented Dave Jaffe ever trying to get involved in Twisted Metal, that Dave made a mistake and Mike felt he was making the same mistake Dave did. Mike took the remote bomb and told Stu “I’m getting off here.” Stu looked puzzled. “What are you doing?”
Mike looked serious and said “Ending this. Just keep driving”. Mike left the vehicle and Hammerhead continued driving. Granny Dread saw Mike and drove Dreadhead towards him. “Want to die? You got it, kid!” said Dread – but those would be her last words as she didn’t realize Mike would detonate a remote bomb once the Dreadhead got near, detonating himself and the vehicle, in an act of self-sacrifice.
Why did Mike do that? Wondered Stu.
I guess he wanted to join Dave in the afterlife. But it seemed so out of character and sudden. Stu always thought of him as a cool stoner dude, not a self-destructive, or martyr type. But he did stop his evil grandmother, Granny Dread. So Stu was grateful for that, even though it was his last living relative, and he was now down a friend, his only real friend. “Christ, the only person I know now is that douchebag Vinnie.” Stu said aloud.
Stu stopped the vehicle and wondered what was next, as a portal opened and Calypso instructed him (through hallucination) to enter it to meet Calypso at a safe spot to discuss his reward.
Stu stepped in the portal and found himself at Calypso’s office.

Calypso speaks:
“Sorry about your friend, kid.
I know you guys were close.
When I was a child I had nothing of a sort, so I can’t relate, but you have my sympathies.
It was clever too. Mike sacrificed himself to give his partner the win.
If only Vinnie had done the same to save Bruce from his/your grandmother. Maybe had he joined your big brother he could have stopped Dread… but instead your grandmother killed your brother and you went a whole year living in the same house as her without that knowledge.
She did it all for money too. Money to buy televisions. Didn’t you wonder where she got the money to buy all her televisions last year? She’s a simple woman. This year she would have asked for money to buy angel dust.
So what is it you desire, Stu Cochrane?
Payback on Vinnie for not saving your big brother?
Nothing like revenge, if you ask me!
Or maybe you want LSD. I know you and Mike wanted a lifetime supply of LSD.
Of course, you can still have that – just not with Mike around, unless you wish for Mike back.
But then you can’t get the acid.
So – revenge, power, or friendship? Which will it be my Jimi Hendrix loving friend?
Maybe you just want a foxy lady? Hehe, although that wish backfired on someone once! Whoops, did I just mention customer dissatisfaction? Just ignore the foxy lady wish backfiring comment.”

Calypso shows off a bag off LSD blotter paper to tempt Stu.

Stu responds:
“If I can really ask for anything…
I don’t know…
I guess maybe friendship means more than psychedelics.
Can I just wish to have Mike back, alive and healthy?”

Calypso seemed disappointed but granted the wish and Mike appeared, alive and healthy again.
“Good to see you bro!”
Mike smiled and looked at Calypso. “Don’t I get a wish too?”
Calypso chuckled, and threw the bag of LSD blotter paper towards Mike.
“That’s what you want right. A lifetime supply of tripping, yes?”
“Sweet, this worked out great for us” Stu said.
“No, not for us” responded Mike.
Mike reached for his gun and shot at Stu. A bullet hits Stu in the torso and he falls with his hand on the wound, trying to stay alive.
“What the fuck, Mike?” Stu said as yelled out in pain.
Calypso looked sad and explained,
“When you wished Mike back alive and healthy there was a problem, Stu.
Yes, he came back alive, and healthy, but he also came back selfish, and unfriendly.”
“You’re trippin’, Mike!” Stu yelled.
“Not yet. But I will be. The LSD is mine, Stu. I’m tired of sharing. I’ve been sharing my whole life. I want the prize for myself. Sorry, dude.”
“But friendship means more than drugs, man” Stu insisted.
Mike paused. He wondered if Calypso had corrupted his mind.
“Dave Jaffe, your best friend, was killed by this burnt faced son of a bitch, remember?”
Calypso’s burnt face showed a smile, as he enjoyed the drama.
Mike realizes at that moment that Calypso has successfully corrupted him to turn on Stu. So Mike turns the gun on himself.
“Sorry bro”
Mike falls from a self inflicted bullet to the head.
Calypso laughs.
“I love a good show!” Calypso exclaims.
Stu has tears in his eyes and Mike’s blood on his face. Stu’s own blood is in his hands as he covers his gunshot wound.
“I’ve been too hard on you, Stu. You’ve been a good sport about this.” Calypso said in a calm voice.
”In a few moments you’ll find yourself in a hospital bed. You’ve done well. Be proud that you are a winner. Winning is the ultimate high. That should be the only prize that matters…
so adieu, goodbye. It’s been fun.”

Moments later Stu wakes up in a hospital bed.
He’s alive. He survived Twisted Metal.
Mike was not so lucky, nor the others, and Granny Dread got what she deserved. At least Mike died a hero. Stu only lives because he sacrificed himself twice. Mike also didn’t really have family, he grew up an orphan, so Stu pretty much was his family… a stoner friend he listened to music with. Stu truly has lost all his family.
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Re: TM: LSD - A Stu Story part 2
Reply #2 - 03/22/21 at 22:37:18

Stu thought about what he’d do after he got out of the hospital.
“The first thing I do when I get out of here is selling Granny Dread’s televisions, and
then I’m buying a brick of weed,
and then I’m going to find Vinnie, and kick that motherfucker in the balls.
That’s what my big bro would have wanted.”
Suddenly the ghost of Mike Giam appeared by Stu’s bedside.
“Don’t worry dude, ghosts are eligible to enter Twisted Metal. So next year, we can totally enter the contest again. We can rename Hammerhead – call it Deadhead, what do you say?”
Stu screamed from the sight of a ghost and his heart went out. Stu’s body died right there but his ghost jumped out of his body and joined ghost Mike.
“Right on! Deadhead is a groovy name,” said Ghost Stu.
“Radical”, Ghost Mike responded.
“Next time we win we should ask for ghost babes, bro”
“Nah, ghost psychedelics!”
”Whoa, is that a thing?”
“We’ll make it a thing.”


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Re: TM: LSD - A Stu Story
Reply #3 - 03/27/21 at 13:17:18
what's that GIF of DeCaprio clapping?

Yea. I'm bad with that.
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Re: TM: LSD - A Stu Story
Reply #4 - 04/02/21 at 20:23:34
I love it mosh. Its a good Fan fic
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