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Unused TMB/TMHC/TMHO sounds pack (Read 1246 times)
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Unused TMB/TMHC/TMHO sounds pack
03/02/21 at 00:22:48
I extracted these from their respective ISO files.

Found unused mixes of certain battleground soundtracks (Freeway, Downtown/Highway Loop, Minion's Stadium, and Death Match 2), and was also surprised to find IN-GAME DIALOGUE!  Most of the characters had their own unique voice clips for earning kills, low on health, and even their own death screams.  I did notice some generic voice clips were included, which were to be used for everyone else (Billy Ray, John Doe, Charlie Kane, Cage, and Black) while Preacher, Stone, Grimm, No-Face, Bloody Mary, Dollface, Raven, Axel, Needles, and Marcus had clips voiced by their respective actors.

These were pulled from the 8/11/2005 prototype, and I found music tracks that were from both the early builds of Harbor City and Head-On.  Some tracks are completely unheard of by TM players, others are original unused mixes of Head-On tracks, and the rest are completed versions of Head-On tracks.

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Re: Unused TMB/TMHC/TMHO sounds pack
Reply #1 - 03/02/21 at 08:19:54
Nice find! Gona have to check this out
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