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Twisted Trax. Favorite tracks from each game. (Read 1137 times)
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Twisted Trax. Favorite tracks from each game.
12/05/20 at 23:01:29
Twisted Metal:

Cyburbia slide is my top TM track with the Theme being runner up.

Runner up:

Twisted Metal 2

LA for my numba 1. Its hard for me to choose a favorite for TM2 but I feel like this is the song I think of most when I think of the game. Honorable mention to Antarctica.

My runner up for TM2 is none other than New York. This track felt epic like a huge final battle was about to occur. But as we  all know that happened in hong kong instead  Wink

Twisted metal Small Brawl

Shock Therapy is my favorite here and really hits home. Such a great track.

Runner up has to be easy death oven. Has some of that classic TM feel to it.

Twisted Metal Black

Suburbs always felt awesome to me in a haunting way. I love this track

Warhawk is my runner up. It was a nice song to get pumped to while fighting well warhawk and made an already interesting fight more epic.

Twisted Metal: Head On

Monaco. Guitar rifts and a good beat. Its kind of hard with head on because a lot of the tracks, while good are not very appealing to me personally, but Monaco hits the right notes.

Runner up is Paris with its orchestral sounding track. Very reminiscent of warhawk in someways.

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Re: Twisted Trax. Favorite tracks from each game.
Reply #1 - 12/06/20 at 06:53:40
Ambient: Warehouse for something creepy, and Cyburbia for some quiet rock
Battle: Rooftops

Normal: Moscow, Amazonia, New York, and Antarctica
Boss: Dark Tooth

Small Brawl
Shock Therapy, Now Slaying, Gridiron Gore

Ambient: all except Prison Passage
Battle: Suburbs, Freeway, Skyscrapers, both death match tracks
Final Enemy: Suburbs, Downtown, Skyscrapers
Boss: Minion's Stadium

Los Angeles (rock), Roman Ruins (orch.), Russia (all 3 versions), Transylvania (rock), Greece (rock)
Also love the use of the Level song "Disaster Proof".  It's what introduced me to the band in the first place.
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