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Twisted Metal 1 PC Online Discord (Read 1542 times)
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Twisted Metal 1 PC Online Discord
04/05/20 at 04:04:20
Welcome. You might be thinking to yourself

"Another TM Discord? Why?"

The answer is simple. We are dedicated to the original Twisted metal and would like to start running matches with more people in this classic game.

I've spent quite a chunk of my time getting everything running pretty on windows 10 with the help of Infernal and Mosh.

Now we have a few rules.

1. Don't be a dick. Don't give us a reason to kick you.
2. If you are idle and do not participate in any games without a valid reason you will be purged.
3. If you come for the soul purpose to troll and cause havoc refer to rule 1.


If you are curious about gameplay you can watch these videos recorded by me:

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