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do you guys like the amount of homing missles (Read 2236 times)
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Re: do you guys like the amount of homing missles
Reply #15 - 03/18/20 at 13:44:03
When I first played TM2, I wasn't fond of the Fire missile pickup only carrying two at a time instead of the 4 TM1 had. Not to mention, it made the weapon weaker in a sense. TMB helped it a bit by boosting its damage input, although I'd say 10 dmg might be best instead of the 8 it has.

Manta, I can see what you mean about your Power missile. TMB has several levels with bumps/slopes and find myself shooting my Powers into the ground sometimes (In some ways I consider that my fault). TM2 has more flat surfaces where longshots are more accomplished there.

I agree with Mosh, although I wish TM1 had more levels where you can dodge weapons. Everytime I think of that game, I think of how narrow the roads are.
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