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Crimson Skies (Read 1458 times)
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Crimson Skies
03/15/20 at 15:37:33
Crimson skies is an interesting property. It actually started as a table top in 1999.


From there Microsoft made a PC game that released in 2000. This version. Of crimson skies isnt as well known as its successor on the Xbox, which we will get to.

The PC version of Crimson skies has a few major differences to the console release. You had full customization of your planes load out and skin along with a more simcade handling model allowing full 3D control. This is my favorite version of the game.

My first experience however was on Xbox. I also enjoy this version as well, but the only thing that bothered me about this version was the limited movement. Once you got used to the different handling the game became pretty fun. I completed this reboot and enjoyed almost every minute of it.

The choice in controls was to focus further on the action rather than flight mechanics, but this change in my opinion made it harder to play at some points, but still fun none the less.

The whole point of Crimsion skies is to live as a bad ass pirate in the 1930's in a unitied states that has fallen apart. And it plays that role well.

This is one of my other favorite games I've played over the years.
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