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There has never been a perfect Twisted Metal game (Read 90 times)
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There has never been a perfect Twisted Metal game
02/19/20 at 00:54:40
There has never been a perfect twisted metal game due to the developers questionable design choices and overall thematic settings.

TM 1 was the first one clunky and ram damage is touch of death avoid bumping into someone at all costs. The stupid flying guys shooting at you too.

TM2 was great but it was a product of it's time ram damage still did too much homing missiles were still stronger than fire missiles, multiplayer deathmatch didnt respawns weapons in between rounds ( something that even TM1 did) as well as no 4 player support or 2 player DM vs bots.

TM 3 was just TM 3 they added a bunch of stuff that should have been in 2 but the stories and gameplay were way worse and the level design was abysmal like Egypt and Tokyo are trash easily one of the worst in the series.

Twisted Metal 4 added alot of cool stuff like good maps and the most weapons in the series (I feel like the weapon pool in later games is too small) but the characters and stories were still shit and even though it was an improvement it still had the slow combat of 3 with an atmosphere that felt like an out of touch business man was trying to make the game hip and cool with the kids.

Small Brawl is fun but its overall slower because of the setting but it brought back the classic gameplay which was nice the ram damage was also tuned down too much but honestly I'm having a hard time finding complaints with that game just really the slow movement speed bugged it down stories were as good as they could be for the theme they chose.

TM Black was probably the best in the series the soundtrack, stories and gameplay are great the only problem is it split the fan base in 2 and makes the original universe hard to ever bring back. It also removed alot of classic characters great level design and best mechanics in the series could have used more pickups and better ram damage though.

TM head on was just like a soulless TM 2 there was nothing to it all the weapons took no skill to use health pool was too low and the music was horrible the only thing good about it was the classic characters all coming back and the endings.

TM PS3 had the most potential to be the best game in the series game modes that werent just last man standing all the extra game modes were so fun sadly the single player was lacking and there werent enough cars, characters or maps in the game the boss fights were epic and some of the stories were decent but it just lacked content to be considered the best. I also think ramming was the best in this game but they need to tweak the numbers lower a bit and increase ram damage on lighter vehicles the aesthetic was the best thing they could have done after black came out a tm 2/black meets the middle art style. The weapons were to easy to use compared to TM black though so it still got points off for that.

So really there has never been a perfect TM game because of balancing issues, bad mechanics or bad single player, music and atmosphere choices. I hope that if they ever make a new TM game they give it either the TM ps3/ black or 2 art style with all the content of PS3 with the great story elements of black with the classic cars of TM 2 and Black as well as a higher weapon pool like 4 but not as many. level design between black and ps3 would be nice as well.

As for car physics I like ps3's but tone down the getting knocked around like a pin ball thing but still leave it in to some degree. Ram and super ram should stay in like the ps3 game but with tweaked numbers. I'm not sure which games has the best driving mechanics so which ever game has the smoothest or most technical that's what I would want. I think the weapons should work like tm black with being able to dodge homing missiles and angling missiles over slopes etc. all the technical stuff.

Also I think the big bosses should stay in from ps3 they were awesome as well as smaller normal bosses like minion etc.

Anyway I love twisted metal but I feel as though there were always missteps in the development cycles but if they could just really put all of their focus into the right places they could truly make an amazing game.
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Re: There has never been a perfect Twisted Metal game
Reply #1 - 02/19/20 at 16:17:36
Yo, can you break this up a little bit?...

No offense, but paragraphs are your friend...
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Re: There has never been a perfect Twisted Metal game
Reply #2 - 02/19/20 at 19:56:22
Definitely not reading a wall of text. That's a headache waiting to happen.
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