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TMBO is ALIVE & PLAYABLE via fan server! Come play (Read 608 times)
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TMBO is ALIVE & PLAYABLE via fan server! Come play
08/29/19 at 19:46:44
Twisted Metal Black Online on Playstation 2 had its official North American servers go offline on March 19, 2007.

In 2015 a team of dedicated server vets and skilled programmers were assembled to help resurrect and create a fully functional TMBO server. The mission was a success and even garnered some media attention

Flash-forward to present day 2019 and the server/game are both thriving. Game nights are held every week, filling up with 8 players each time, with new players joining the ranks of the many old server veterans that we have. We are always looking for new players and old vets to rejoin the fight, so please come and join us if you can!

How can I play?
Playing on our server does not require anything different than it did back in 2002. Here is a link to our setup guide for the TMBO server and here is a Video Guide.

How can I get involved in the game nights and communicate with the TMBO community?
We use discord to voice/text chat during our games. As well we use discord to discuss game-play, set-up matches start time, or to just trouble-shoot issues. This is easily the best approach to getting involved in the TMBO scene. Click here for the discord server

Helpful links for New/Old players alike
Mikey>< has crafted new Car Specific and Damage charts for TMBO; these contain detailed information about special weapon attacks for every car, as well as giving specific numbers to every weapon/advanced attack in the game. Located Here.

100%Evil has a web page that allows you to see who has logged in recently or who is currently playing on our server. Located Here.

The TMBO Bible was created a few years ago with collaboration from the community veterans. The bible showcases an in-depth look at some of the higher-level gameplay elements present within TMBO. Specific car tricks, dodging, audio cues, combos, this video is a great view if you are wanting to improve your skills.

Content creators on Youtube
Several of our TMBO community members regularly record our TMBO game sessions. Below are links to their youtube channels. Look in the individual video descriptions to see who is playing in each match, and what team that player is on.

That's it! We hope to see you on TMBO in the near future!

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Re: TMBO is ALIVE & PLAYABLE via fan server! Come play
Reply #1 - 09/09/19 at 22:39:40
This is an awesome post, and great news Road. Glad you guys are getting your grind on.

Good to see.
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Re: TMBO is ALIVE & PLAYABLE via fan server! Come play
Reply #2 - Today at 08:35:41
Hey. I am a new player and would love to know when the right time to check the servers would be? Everytime I hop on so far aint nobody playing. This is my first time playing black online as I Never got the chance to play back then on the original servers.
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