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There is a war on video games on all fronts (Read 162 times)
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There is a war on video games on all fronts
06/22/19 at 03:15:28
I'll list who the enemies are and what the problems are. Maybe some one can hit up Jaffe on Twitter and get him to go off about every problem and enemy we're facing and do a Periscope, Twitch, or YouTube upload or 2 or 3. Sometimes he's completely wrong, other times he hits the bulls eye right on the head of the nail.

I'll start.

>WHO which is a arm of the UN calling gaming a disease.
>Donald Trumps tariffs on consoles. (I'm iffy on that one because fuck China, but still)
>Sony's censorship policy when it comes to Japanese anime games.
> Microsoft even engaging in censorship now (See Forza Horizon 4 song lyrics like "stardusted", "high", and "god" YES GOD IS CENSORED IN A SONG ON A E RATED GAME).
>the suicidal push to abolish single player campaign gaming.
>the suicidal push to abolish discs and make you download games so you lose your consumer rights.
>the video game bloggers and video games urologists trying to push their social political ideology into gaming.
>if Hillary Clintons past anti games efforts cost her 2016 and if Trumps open anti gamer bias and hate will cost him 2020.
>The social media censorship.
>Some of the i am certain the spying consoles and companies do on users (Not just the big 3 but game studios).
>The big budgets for video games.
>The censorshiop and subversion of games

That's all i can think of now feel free to add your own enemies an problems and solutions as well.
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Re: There is a war on video games on all fronts
Reply #1 - 06/23/19 at 16:20:30
Looks like you have a problem with stupidity, immaturity, ignorance, and greed.

Got some bad news for you buddy, it ain't going away.
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