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Twisted Show? (Read 3616 times)
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Re: Twisted Show?
Reply #15 - 06/02/20 at 22:55:12
So I wanted to chime in on this since I have been  writing fan fiction for the possible TV show on the fan fiction forum. I would want the character to have ties with Calypso somehow. To go with the idea of a narrator telling the stories of certain contestants for each episode, my choice to be the narrator and host would be Raven from Twisted Metal : Black.

Raven could present each episode and talk about which characters would be focused on in that specific episode. I would want her to use the craft of fortune telling to tell the stories of the contestants competing in Twisted Metal. She could also use that to predict the possible outcomes of the tournament. Obviously this comes from her reading tarot cards in Twisted Metal : Black with her friend Kelly.

Raven wouldn't be a contestant at all in the series is what I would want. She could be the one character that can tie every event of the major characters leading up to the contest and the aftermath of those contestants from the contest all together for the viewers. She could be like the hostess Elvira if anyone is familiar with that host.

MoshfieldAsylum wrote on 06/20/19 at 21:29:01:
I agree that the Twilight Zone/Night Gallery method is probably the best way to go for Twisted Metal but I wouldn't want it taking itself too seriously, like Black Mirror does, so the show would be best to follow the example of Tales from the Crypt.
Tales from the Crypt was able to be scary and funny at the same time, it didn't take itself too seriously, kind of like the Twisted Metal series. Plus the Crypt Keeper role could easily be filled by either Calypso or Sweet Tooth or even the undead Mortimer.

I figure action scenes will be a big part of the show though, most likely drawing inspiration from the Mad Max and Death Race movies. I imagine the car combat sequences will prove to be the biggest challenge for the producers.

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