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Twisted Metal 2 Comic (Read 81 times)
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Twisted Metal 2 Comic
05/24/19 at 18:28:34
Hey guys! I wanted to share something very special with you! I bought this last week and it just arrived the other day! It's so beautiful, I love it! This is the extremely rare Twisted Metal 2 one-shot comic book which was released in 1996 to promote the game that was originally released on PlayStation. The only issue that was ever created and only 100 copies were ever printed. It was published by DC Comics. Half of them were handed out to fans as prizes and the other 50 were assumed lost and/or destroyed. I think maybe some fans might have requested a copy but I'm not sure. Unofficially, from the chatter I've read online, only about 5 copies are known to be in existence currently and this copy is in near mint condition. It's so rare that it's considered the "Holy Grail" of Twisted Metal memorabilia. It is also considered to be canon, as it was written in conjunction with Twisted Metal 2.

The only real flaw is it has a very small imperfection at the top right of the book but I could care less about that. For it being 23 years old, I'd say that's pretty damn good!



If you want to read more info on this comic book, check out the link below:

I feel so lucky to own this! I knew I had to act on this immediately because I wasn't going to get another opportunity any time soon. You can't find this anywhere! Twisted Metal 2 was one of my favorite games from my childhood. Who played this video game series as a kid back in the day? What's even more nostalgic about this for me is Crash Bandicoot is on the top left of the back cover, right next to Sweetooth's head! The whole thing is just so perfect for me! I feel like this is now my most prized possession!
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Re: Twisted Metal 2 Comic
Reply #1 - 05/25/19 at 13:18:40
That's very cool, congrats.

Kind of wish it wasn't super super rare. They could have made a tie-in comic that wasn't rare like Vigilante 8 Second Offense had, but it is what it is.

And while it does provide a nice origin story for Calypso, and helps makes sense of Minion's TM2 ending, there are a few problems with the canon/storyline when you take the comic into account.

1- In Grasshopper's TM2 ending Calypso says the car crash almost killed him, when in fact it did in the comic.

2- In Grasshopper's TM Head-On ending Krista Spark wishes that the car crash that killed her and her mother never happened. In the comic her mother, Joanie, died at a demolition derby event Calypso was involved in, killed by Calypso's vehicle's bouncing wheel. Days later a miserable, drunk & tired Calypso intentionally drives into a wall to kill himself, but regretfully does it while Krista is in the back seat of the car.
Krista also describes Calypso as having been a nice dad in TMHO, whereas in the comic Calypso says he never was much of a dad.

3- The whole story of Calypso getting his powers from the devil after successfully beating Minion in a race and getting the opportunity to return to Earth to run a destructive contest like Twisted Metal... That's all cool, but in the original game Calypso got his magic powers by stealing a demon (Black) from Satan (Mr. Ash).
But you can see each game as being part of its own timeline, so it doesn't matter.
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