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A not in-depth review of TM: Head On (PS2) (Read 2287 times)
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Re: A not in-depth review of TM: Head On (PS2)
Reply #15 - 05/04/19 at 07:20:34
MoshfieldAsylum wrote on 05/04/19 at 06:27:14:
But what exactly is the argument that Cousin Eddy is like Minion outside of Story Mode?

He's still a large, rectangle, heavy boss character with a flamethrower special, and that's disregarding his fight being the exact same. All he does when you play him is make the game easier. I liked his ending, but hes not much of a character. I want something that's at least somewhat original. I'm not saying minion owns the flamethrower, it's just another thing in the plethora of shit he copied. Oh shit, he's got a darkside special, whoopdie fuckin doo, I bet that was hard for incog to think up. if he was just an unlockable character, ok, but they're both midbosses, which makes the issue of him being a soulless lazy character even more horrible, because he's the midboss. Like, the curse in Dark Souls is retarded, but it doesn't get in the way too much because it's only in two areas, one is avoidable, for the most part, and the other rarely happens, so it's ok. In this, CE is the midboss, he's a highlight, making the design choice seem even more lazy, because you'd think the midboss of the fucking game would have more attention.

Shit, everyone in TM4 has a shitty variation of that special. Another flaw I look past because it's still really fun to go back to, unlike HO.

You know what I like about trapper, and piecemeal? They were bosses, not lame gimmicky shitfests. As a boss, I hated Warhawk, TMB minion was ok, but I'd rather fight a boss 1v1 than take down shields or have lackeys get in my way. DS has the same problem, the Bed of Chaos is a shitty gimmick boss, not a real fight, and I hate it for the same reason.
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Re: A not in-depth review of TM: Head On (PS2)
Reply #16 - 05/10/19 at 19:12:56
Just some general commentary since I already commented on this game ages ago but it's buried in the forums.

TMHO was originally intended as a handheld Twisted Metal game for the PSP. That really is an important point to remember if you're going to judge it.  Now, I'll fully admit I was very disappointed with TMHO for many reasons because Incognito (not ESP by the way) went with the perspective that people wanted dumbed down handheld games when compared to their console brethren. I actually think this is untrue, and I think it hurt the game, but that's still the perspective that they came at it from.

They also came at it from at least two other perspectives. First, that they didn't like TMBO players kicking their asses online, and started to wonder if it would hurt sales if future games had such a huge disparity between skill levels of vets and newbs. Two, they knew that the old deeper Twisted Metal, when moved online, when combined with lag, often looked like cheating or problems with coding when in reality it was just the limitations of delay between players.

Consequently, to combat lag and create the perception of better net code, AND to make games FASTER for their perception that handheld titles needed to be quicker plays, they did the following:

1. Eliminated all power slides (this made the net coding look better as slides are harder to track with net code).
2. Increased the speed and homing efficacy of weapons (by making weapons nearly impossible, or in some cases, impossible, to dodge it makes the net coding look more perfect).

The result was TMHO. In addition to that, it was a rushed title that ended up having a number of very tragic glitches (such as the health relic glitch - the glitch that finally made me put down TMHO for good and sell my PSP).

Still, looking back on it . . . there was nothing more exciting than the debut PSP launch with a branch new Twisted Metal game, and playing on a handheld either online with a buddy or head to head in LAN was outstanding.

Because of that, even though I finally quit out after eight months, TMHO remains to this day one of the funnest games I've ever played.

Nevertheless, we begged ESP not to base their TMX game on TMHO.

Unfortunately, they ignored us.  The rest is history.

Edit: As for porting the game to PS2, I don't know . . . I mean they DID buff it up and it only cost $20 so and included a number of extras that I even got to be part of so . . .

Do I think a smarter move would have been finishing TMB2? Yeah, but it didn't happen. Oh well.

Double Edit:  I'm also with Mosh that comparing Cousin Eddy to Minion is pretty stupid. I mean, everyone is open to their opinion, but I think he was actually creative. Certainly more so than having Minion from 1 in 2 . . .and then even in later games.

Your mileage may vary.
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