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Anon Mess Age Sage (Read 902 times)
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Anon Mess Age Sage
12/04/18 at 03:10:26
I am the greatest famous fucking Rockstar of all time.

Please edit me.
Edit my posts and comment on how I say I am the greatest famous fucking Rockstar of all time.

Edit my posts, and have it appear as if I am talking about the fact that I like all-caps, but that this site prohibits it.

I used to be your trusty friend, tmforever.
Now I am rechristened as Anon Mess Age Sage

I posted here when I was twelve years old, and kicked the shit out of, verbally and psychologically, a bunch  of pussy ass cunty beta males who hate their lives.

Now, this place is dead. You eat your own. Talk about how I love caps (read on) and the fact I decree I am the greatest motherfucking famous fucking Rockstar of all time.

Also, say how you dislike my music.

Better yet, cunts, edit me to make it appear as if I am talking about my music in a self-parodying way.

Come down the rabbit hole with me.
'Expose' me.

You are a bunch of losers, and you destroyed yourselves.
You never had any lives, but the one thing you had going for you was this pathetic site. And do not Get smart with me, mods, as you post your cum-stained social media-esque-indigestive-real-life-drama all over this bitch, and whine around like Kim Kardashian followers.

And those of you who 'raise' kids, You could not even raise yourselves.

Come out of the woodwork, you miserably stupid-beta-bottom-feeding-low-testosterone-basement-dwelling-socially-reclusive


Goodbye, TMA.

Oh wait, you're already dead.
Come out of your graves, momentarily, ghoulish, undead lurkers, and mock me.

Or edit my posts and make it appear as if I am mocking myself.

Now, say that I already have by posting this up, by making it seem as if I am posting in a way that is a self-parody, by editing my post, so that you can momentarily forget your inner hollow shell of a life.

Call me retarded or something, in consequence of the fact that I pointed out how you may respond, given that you can edit posts, and by me pointing this out, you can make it appear as if it makes no sense, yet is your little brain's easy and pathetic attempt to disregard what I say.

Yet you'll still respond to it.

I see this place dead, and it makes me fucking smile.

Dead, as your social lives or any sense of achievement.

You all post your pathetic dramas on this site, for all to see.
Yet you squirm around and get upset if anyone points it out.

Yet, you think you're above social media.
You are asocial recluses who suck at life, and who failed to even organize yourselves on this pathetic site.

Like barking dogs or annoying chihuahuas.

Now, ban me. Or make a "tombstone" for me, as a forgotten poster section of this site.

But your lives are dead, and none of You ever lived.
You just posted your hollow lives on this site, for the world to see.

Now, point out the fact that I discussed the "tombstone section" of this site, you fallen posters and ghoulish lurkers, and edit my post in a way that makes it seem as if I am talking about the tombstone section of this site, in a self-mocking way.

You can do it.

I will not check out this site, or its replies, or its post.
I just want to let you know who you are, not debate it.

edit this last section too, in a way that appears as what I say, is coming from me in a self-parody or mockery.

Now, call the fact retarded that I pointed out your replies, in advance, and refuse to articulate what I say, by calling it retarded, or from the Perspective of me, by making it seem, in a mod or admin edited way, by editing my post, to convey, that I behave in self-parody.

You are all equally worthless.
And you know this.

You are beta male losers and you hate yourselves.

Siyonara, cum-guzzlers.

Good fucking riddance,

And follow my Twitter.
Say how you do not like it, or edit my posts, or both.
Call me mentally ill, and criticize the fact that I love all-caps, more than you love men, in assless chaps.

Talk about my lyrical writings, and how even this site prevents all-caps.
Criticize it and call it Schizophrenic.
Or edit my posts, to make it appear as if I talk about this in a self-parodying or mocking way.

Now, say that I am already seld-parodying myself.
Call me autistic or Schizo, or mentally unwell,

You bottom-feeding-on-cum-guzzling-while-watching-porn-with-a-hat-that-is-normally-f

Now criticize me and edit me.
Call me mentally-ill.

You are all pathetically worthless.
Frail little wizards of Oz, who hide behind the curtains, jerking it, who used to congregate and circle-jerk each other, until your drama-infested messageboards whittled away what little lives you never actually had.

You all hid behind your monikers, too fucked-up and cucked-out to be that brazen, bullish, and authentic, 'crazy' in person.

You know this.
All of your lives were a waste, and are still a waste, and will always be a waste


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Re: Anon Mess Age Sage
Reply #1 - 12/12/18 at 00:08:15
Please send Cliffs Notes. TL:DR
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Re: Anon Mess Age Sage
Reply #2 - 12/13/18 at 10:59:09
You can see how we all are rushing to respond to this wall of text.
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