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Has anybody noticed this yet? (Read 288 times)
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Has anybody noticed this yet?
09/23/18 at 03:42:47
Here's a fun fact that nobody seemed to notice:
So what do we know about Black in TM:B?
He was made to win Twisted Metal and kill Calypso. He never needed or wanted the wish prize at the end, he only wanted to see Calypso dead.
During the last loading screen on Manslaughter's campaign (Right before you fight Warhawk), Black says that he hopes that Calypso runs, because that would be more fun for him. And what does Calypso end up doing during the ending cutscene? Run Away.
Since wanting Calypso to run away was Black's last and only wish during the whole tournament, Calypso used that wish to flee before Black could have a chance to kill him.
Mind. Blown.
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