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Hoping to get back into things (Read 1754 times)
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Hoping to get back into things
08/30/18 at 03:00:22
Yeah, I've got a Discord now. And after spending more time with Vermin, I'm getting fairly nice results since I did play Twisted Metal: Black and unlocked Minion the legitimate way.

So with this website now being the more active one instead of Twisted Clans (I did compose some Talon information there. There may be inaccuracies), I thought I might as well try my very best to not let the boredom of playing 100% completed games take over my mind.

That's pretty much why I kept losing interest in the game because I'm partially a completionist for the record. After Vermin, which vehicle is the next to try out to climb my way up to? I'd like to use Warthog and Darkside.

Darkside is my go-to because if someone needs to die, like right fucking now, the deed will be done. Warthog I would like to be my main though.
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