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Re: Warhawk (PS2) Model (Read 2252 times)
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Re: Warhawk (PS2) Model
07/14/18 at 07:48:21
Someone (I don't remember who, though) used a code on PCSX2 to either play as WarHawk or change camera perspective to view him. It will take a while to find the forum thread.

And from the way you're talking, I take it that this will require different requirements to extract the model than all the other vehicles.
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Re: Warhawk (PS2) Model
Reply #1 - 07/14/18 at 13:06:37
I created the hacks that were used to select and play as Warhawk (Black Razer) in the screenshots DARKFORCE posted in the Twisted Metal: Black - Prototype/Review Videos thread.

The TMB beta build that thread focused on contains significant differences from subsequent demo/retail builds. The hacks depend on some of the beta's differences. The hacks can be ported to other builds, but won't work properly beyond the menus. Warhawk isn't playable in-game and its 3D model isn't visible.

The following threads might be of interest:

Excerpt from one of my posts in the second thread (sheds more light on this)...

Aced14 wrote on 07/23/17 at 06:00:12:
The screenshots linked to in the post you quoted are from a beta/preview build of TMB. Its PCAR folder contains an entry for the Warhawk vehicle (aka Black Razer/Darkhawk). Warhawk isn't normally listed in that build's vehicle select menus. In the aforementioned screenshots, hacks were used to force its entry to appear. The underground screenshot represents what happens when it's loaded into normal levels in story mode. The player's viewport gets stuck below ground-level, with no Warhawk 3D model in sight and no control over anything. If an additional hack is used to force the Warhawk story level to load, the player will spawn in as Warhawk and it'll be controllable... but barely playable. That TMB build's tweaks (debug) menu was used to correct and manipulate several things in those screenshots, such as increasing the FOV/camera distance and disabling gravity. Major weapon firing/shield/pickup issues also make it impossible to defeat the Warhawk bot vehicle. The Warhawk vehicle didn't seem to be anywhere close to being a properly-playable vehicle as implemented within that build.

As far as the retail/demo versions of TMB and TMBO go, no one has ever managed to make the Warhawk vehicle playable in any of them in any capacity. Hacks can be used to unveil it in vehicle select menus, but selecting it will lead to a crash upon attempting to load in any levels (including Warhawk's story mode level). As you alluded to, TMBO's PCAR folder doesn't contain any files for the Warhawk vehicle. Neither do any retail/demo versions of TMB. I believe the PCAR files in the beta build of TMB differ from their counterparts in retail/demo builds and can't be interchanged. The Warhawk bot also can't be properly loaded as a visible AI opponent in normal levels.

IMO there would be quite a few challenges to overcome to make the Warhawk vehicle reasonably playable in release/demo versions of TMB and any version of TMBO. In TMB, the most realistic way of doing it would probably be to create a hack that steals control of the Warhawk vehicle bot in story mode's Warhawk level. Anything further would likely necessitate figuring out how to trick the game into successfully loading ACAR files for the player's vehicle instead of PCAR files. I tried long ago to no avail. I'm not sure what exactly differs between ACAR and PCAR files. Off the top of my head, I believe PCAR files tend to be larger than ACAR ones. If they're solely vehicle model files, maybe bot models aren't as detailed as player ones. If they're more than just model assets, maybe they contain extra data that's necessary to make them playable.

@DJ Normality
Were the corrupted textures you extracted from a .TEX file on a TMB retail disc?

Haven't you already been successful in extracting other vehicle textures out of PCSX2 while it was running TMB? Is there something unusual about extracting textures from the 3D models of bot vehicles (like Warhawk)?

Just in case you're not already aware, Warhawk is the final boss in TMB's story mode. You can play against its bot in retail builds of the game in the same level shown in the OP's screenshots.
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