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Let's talk about Twisted Metal 1 (Read 7612 times)
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Re: Let's talk about Twisted Metal 1
Reply #30 - 07/29/18 at 05:34:41
You guys are not going to believe what just happened.  I'm raging so bad right now I can't even focus.

So I had two runs today.  The first run I died in Moscow, Antarctica and Holland.  I only died in Antarctica (with one enemy left) because I didn't know Outlaw had just used the teleporter so when I wwent on it to go back to the main area, I flew right over it and died.  But that doesn't even bother me anymore because you won't believe what happened just now.  My second run of the day...

I got a game over on Dark Tooth's head...and his head had a SLIVER of hp left.  I could have shot one machine gun bullet and he was done.  I just...I used my special (I had no weapons left, I had just frozen him twice and shot two napalms and two fire missiles at him) and it didn't focus on him, it just jumped straight up and faced me in the other direction, and he started unloading everything on me, and I was very low on health (I couldn't get any because the healths don't come back after Dark Tooth's first form) so I bolted, but I had no turbo left.  He's fast so I couldn't outrun him.  I turned a couple of corners hoping that my shield would come back, but he got me with a homing missile and I died.

To make matters worse I only lost my second life because I over jumped the fence in the pool area of Hong Kong, which I didn't even know you could do and I "drowned", it was right at the start of the level.  I entered the last level with two lives and because of bullshit TWICE I didn't make it.  Unbelievable.  This run took over an hour to do, I tried SO HARD not to die on Holland and Antarctica and I did them both without dying.  In Holland I didn't get Sweet Tooth or Mr. Slam, it was a saving grace.  I had previously lost a life in Moscow.

I just could not have lost in a worse way.  I beat everything that was giving me problems, I die by jumping the fence which I have never done in my 20 years of playing this game, and then the f-ing head kills me with no hp left.

It's almost funny.  I want to die laughing right now.  I just want to beat the f-ing game with Grasshopper so I can move on to Hard mode, I am SICK of using this character.  That's 8 damn tries now.


EDIT: Tried a 9th run, died in Moscow, died in Paris, then I quit.  I'm too mad to do well right now, I was just going after everybody like crazy because I'm so pissed off.  I'll pick it up again tomorrow.  I'm gonna play some FF7 to cool down because I don't remember being this pissed from a videogame before in a long time.  You have no idea how long I was hyper focused for in that run, only to lose my second life from something so stupid and to get a game over when I was literally a bullet from winning.  What makes it worse is that at one point I blew up a remote bomb near him and it barely did any damage.  Sometimes they do insane damage, someimes they do next to nothing.  Yeah thanks a lot.  Redoing all these stages and killing all these enemies in many levels just to get a SHOT at the last three...it's tedious as hell and I'm starting to not have fun with it right now.  I'm starting to think that Hard mode might not happen from me.  This game is just so damn cheap.  Getting past Moscow is a miracle in itself.  Antarctica I've been getting much better at, but it's still like a 50/50 shot at me beating it without dying.  Holland is like a 20% chance of not dying, and the last level...I don't get it, I was destroying the last level with every other character and now that's what's stopping me.  And this is all assuming I don't die on Paris or New York, which still happens sometimes.

And to tell you the truth, I still think Twister and Hammerhead are just as hard to win with as Grasshopper.  I'm not gonna lie, I got REALLY damn lucky that I beat it kind of easily with those two (compared what I'm going through with Grasshopper right now).  For all I know I could be in a constant rotation with these three, not being able to win.  AT LEAST Grasshopper is the last one on Medium.

I'll get back to it.  After work tomorrow I'll be refreshed.  Usually I don't rage from games (or anything really) because I have a positive mindset, but just the WAY it happened on that one run just unleashed all my anger from dying so many times repeatedly with Grasshopper.  Each run takes me over an hour because I'm patient and I want to do the best I can to ensure that I don't die.  It's probably been over 6 hours of Grasshopper in a row and I'm over it.  That should have been my win, that 8th try.  I had it in the bag.  I gotta stop typing because I'm just repeating myself now.  I'll be back.

EDIT 2: I BEAT IT!  After two tries today I finally did it.  That took ELEVEN tries to beat the game with Grasshopper.  To tell you the truth, it feels bittersweet because I was in such focus mode for the past hour that even after I killed him I didn't even react for like five seconds, I was still playing as if he was alive.  Then I was like "I won, f- you Grasshopper".

On my first try today I died on Moscow, Antarctica and Holland.  That's uskually how it goes, so it was a pretty normal run.  The second try (my winning run) I only died in Antarctica and Holland.  I had a few kind of close calls in Hong Kong, but there was never a point where I was like "I'm done, it's over".  There was one point where Mr. Grimm shot me with his special from the side when I was frozen, then I got hit with a Ricochet and bouned into Shadow, so I paniced there for a second, but when that happened I was at full hp and it brought me down to the yellow, so I was able to turbo out of there quickly.  Everything else in Hong Kong went smooth as hell, both boss fights went smooth, it was great.  But the saving grace of my winning run was Moscow.  They gave me Twister, Hammerhead, Roadkill, Shadow and Thumper, which is one of the easiest combinations you can get in that level.  I had zero problems with it.  The five hardest CPUs in this game are Sweet Tooth, Mr. Slam, Spectre, Warthog and Axel.  Shadow would probably be number 6, and Roadkill maybe 7 or 8, but the other three are some of the easiest enemies in the game.

So I'm done with Medium.  Now...I move on to Hard mode and I feel like crying in preparation for all the bs I'm about to run into.

If I lose with Minion though...that would be embarassing.  But honestly I have no idea how hard Hard mode is in this game.  TM1 Hard mode was a completely different ball game from Medium.  I'm gonna give it a go with Minion first, but I want to put it out there that there's a chance I may not make it.  I could be wrong and I may just dominate everything, but if the jump from Medium to Hard in this game is anything like TM1, then I'm about to get my shit wrecked.

EDIT 3: Nevermind lol, I beat it with Minion and it was easy as hell.  I was never in danger of dying and the only level where I had to implement some kind of strategy was Hong Kong, because the enemes were strangely more aggressive there than the rest of the game on Hard.

Yeah Hard mode looks to be a pretty big step up.  The enemies are full tilt out of control, I saw Mr. Grimm shoot like 5 specials in a row at a fast speed.  They missed me, but I saw it on the corner of my screen.  Now I see why Holland is the hardest level in the game.  I didn't have trouble with it, but it was intense as hell.  One time I got brought down to almost half health in one second from a ton of different missiles at once.

So I'll be making my way through Hard mode, but I'm not gonna be posting updates on every siongle run because that would be ridiculous.  I'll post an update after I go through every single character to let you know who I beat it with, unless something crazy happens that I want to write about.  I only wsnt to go into detail with my runs when I get down to the last few or I'm seriously struggling with something.
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Re: Let's talk about Twisted Metal 1
Reply #31 - 09/20/18 at 07:02:13
>Anyway, since I'm really into the first game right now and it's currently fresh in my mind, let's talk about it.  Who are your favorite characters?  Least favorite?  Which CPUs do you find the easiest and the hardest?

Twisted Metal 1 is between it and 2 as my favorite TM, i think the serious setting of 1 was the best one since it wasnt as quirky as following games or as edgy as black. Also love the aesthetics, using real people as the drivers gives it that 90s feel that i love (Similar to say Resident Evil 1 actor cast).

My favorite characters, ie the drivers, are Agent Stone, Captain Spears, Scott Campbell and Captain Roberts. One of the things i love about 1 is that almost all characters have good motives to enter the tournament which to me its pretty important since it gives the contest more meaning and makes me care to reach the end. And for that i think those people have the best reasons to fight and deserving of the win. Car wise my top cars are Crimson Furry, Mr. Grimm, Spectre and Jellow Jacket. I love the speed of the first 3 while the last one is a nice all around car and really love the specials.

Least favorite has to be Darkside, Hammerhead and Pit Viper. I hate Darkside's lame SW and ramming enemies doesnt really makes up for it. Pit Viper's mobility is absolute ass so she isnt fun to drive. I have never cared for Hammerhead and this time is no exception, not to mention that i cant get behind the drivers so im not as invested or interested in seeing them win.

All of the cars are hard but Sweet Tooth, Spectre and Hammerhead are the most annoying of the bunch. Specially Sweet Tooth since he is the only one that abuses homming missiles which are the deadliest weapons in the game. mr Grimm is the easiest since like TM 2's Outlaw 2 he usually just ignores everyone so you are likely to only have to deal with him when everyone else is dead.

Cyburbia is easily my favorite area, not only in TM1 but the series. I love big areas that have lots of enemies to deal with and lots of places to go so Cyburbia is the best in the whole franchise (I really dislike that TM 2's Cyburbia locks you to 4 enemies because it would had been awesome to have the same scale of opponents as TM1, otherwise it isnt as fun).

TM 1 wasnt my first TM, it was actually one of the last ones i played but it still captivated me which is why i still play it every now and then.

Edit: Also Grasshopper isnt that bad, i have found that an special, followed by a shield and then launching a napalm as it hits to be a pretty good combo guaranteed to to some serious damage. Her mobility hurts her but i think Hammerhead is a worse car (His special isnt that good, slow as hell and move like crap).
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