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Mr. President.. (Read 591 times)

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Re: Mr. President..
Reply #15 - 05/25/18 at 00:12:18
Will full ignorance. Moral Narcissism. Love the video.

I LIKE IT!!! Lets do a 3 part movie where everyone disagree's about a topic, gets thoroughly angry about their rights to be, but still agree to love each other over their differences because we all have to be equal!

Does anyone have LSD? This shit is dope......
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Re: Mr. President..
Reply #16 - 05/26/18 at 08:51:31
Tumblr is still alive? Figured it would be near its deathbed after Yahoo purchased it.

At this rate, Trump will become President once more seeing as how the opposition looks incredibly bleak and unpromising. At least the suspected nominees that have been rumored to run for office. Feels like Bush vs. Kerry almost, except we need the 'Kerry'.
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