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Dark-Wind War on Wheels (Read 122 times)
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Dark-Wind War on Wheels
02/26/18 at 20:17:01
I would like to introduce you all to a new favorite game of mine.

Dark wind.

What is it?

It is a physics, turn based car combat game. Where strategy is a necessity.

What is the theme?

Post apocalyptic. With a little death race thrown in there.

What are my favorite things about this game?

The hardcore nature of it. Equipment can be damaged beyond repair, gang members die permanently as well as sustain permanent injury. (Such as the loss of limbs, scars or other things.)

Your gang members (Referred to as "Ganagers") have their own will, sometimes becoming addicted to drugs and the like.

Complete RPG and Roleplaying experience. With the ability to write back stories for each of your characters.

Very helpful and friendly community.

Game allows for people who cant always play events instantly, to have a unlimited stall time of 4 hours so the game can work around your schedule (Solo events only.)

Paid for membership DOES NOT give gameplay advantages.

League events for the community to challenge one another (Also balanced so those with more playtime don't have an advantage over those with less play time.)



Gun recoil, turning, bullet impact all effect your vehicle.

Any downsides?

Gangers Permanently die.(while a good point they will die of old age, so your best skilled man will die. No matter what)

Repair/install times (Some vehicle repairs can take up to 10 hours, or 30  minutes to install a gun in REAL time, although there are plenty of events to do with a "borrowed" car.)


Neither here nor there Aka things I don't care about but you might:

A lot of management options are done VIA the website. So you'll be switching between the two a lot. Kind of reminiscent of those old browser based 90's games.
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