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Cars VS Bosses similar vehicles (Read 1285 times)
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Cars VS Bosses similar vehicles
10/29/17 at 23:59:59
There were threads about similar Twisted Metal vehicles from Critical Depth and Rogue Trip, so I thought I might do the same with Cars VS Bosses.

Bandit - Thomas the Train, but with Sweet Tooth's face. You see this toy train on the shelf at Metro Square (TMPS3)
Stinger - Thumper
Bugger - Crazy 8 (but with a 63 instead of an 8)
Teeny - one of the custom cars from TM4
HotRod - Mr. Zombie
Staircase - none
HJS 82K - none
Mutter - Vermin
Breaker - a combo of Crazy 8 and The Joneses
Pinky - Junkyard Dog (without the tow)
Ghost - Shadow (with Outlaw's taser mounted on top)
Hero - another Shadow?
Future - Spectre
Avan - Dark Tooth
Airtime - Roadkill
Spectre - taken straight from TM, obviously
SuperCar - Crimson Fury
Roadster - another Thumper
Mil-Truck - Warthog (TMHO)
Panther - another Roadkill

Any corrections you want to make? Feel free to say so!
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Re: Cars VS Bosses similar vehicles
Reply #1 - 11/05/17 at 10:05:15
Ya know, if you have these unlocked on your phone, I'd love to see pictures of them. I tried this game but I'm not much of a mobile gamer so i didn't unlock many and the internet doesn't seem to have a database of the cars.
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