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Your favorite concerts, events, etc. (Read 107 times)
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Your favorite concerts, events, etc.
10/20/17 at 14:52:19
I realize we have the "music" post but the standard set for that is posting videos instead of discussion. I've been to dozens upon dozens of concerts from country to easy listening to oldies to metal and everything in between.

I've only been to two shows where there were free meet and greets. My wife and I went to see Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Live do stand-up a couple years back. I cannot stress enough about what an incredibly cool guy he was. I smiled at him and opened with a joke from Grandma's Boy. He chuckled, said a line back and shook my hand, signed my copy of Grandma's Boy and took a picture with me. He was willing to shake hands, talk to you, take pictures, sign your shit....he was a king.

Earlier this year we went and see Peter Noone of the 60's band Herman's Hermits. He signed my CD and took a pic with me. He was a nice dude but I could tell he was wore out...for a guy in his late 60's he was running around that stage like a motherfucker and put on one hell of a good show. The seats were only $25 and he made it worth every penny...dude was a class act.

Last night we went and seen Rick Springfield and Richard Marx in concert...both really popular with the ladies and both very popular in the 80's. Marx opened...but I really think it should've been flipped. Rick Springfield seemed like a really good dude but other than Jessie's Girl and a couple other well-known songs his set was kind of bland. I knew a ton of Richard Marx's stuff...you can make fun of him for being a soft-rock artist but the dude's an incredibly talented vocalist, guitarist, pianist, songwriter...his voice hasn't aged a day since the 80's.

Him and Rick Springfield doing a cover of "All My Loving" by The Beatles was fucking great. Both seem like great guys but no meet and greet...all the cougars would've trampled them.

I thought I'd get the ball rolling...I have more. Lots of oldies, though.

Magnum seen Def Leppard and Europe back in '88. I imagine that was one hell of a show.

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Re: Your favorite concerts, events, etc.
Reply #1 - 10/20/17 at 23:41:17
Yea. Def Leppard and Europe was my 1st concert in 1988. Was an incredible show. I still have the stub. That started a collection of many more that I've kept that I went to.

I've been to so many. Have to dig em up. I'd have to figure out how to put pictures on here again if I post em.
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Re: Your favorite concerts, events, etc.
Reply #2 - 10/21/17 at 07:38:55
One event that I can say was a favorite of mine was a demo derby I went to in Washington state. The crowd was really into it and the drivers had good showmenship.

And whats not to love when you've got a little twisted metal going on?

Same place hosted motorcross races but unfortunately I never saw one during my stay.
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Re: Your favorite concerts, events, etc.
Reply #3 - 10/21/17 at 10:09:42
Some of the best concerts I have been to?

I always had a good time at rockstar's Mayhem fest before they stopped holding it...From those festivals I have had the privilege of being in the moshpit for Slayer twice...the second time was at a show with Megadeth, Anthrax, and Motorhead...and they all rocked harder than most of the new upstart bands I have seen.

My go band has always, and will always be Slipknot...and saywhat you want to say about their music...I love them, And they put on a killer fucking performance. They always have great stage pieces, and they definitely know how to work with the crowd and get them going.

My first concert was pretty rad too, I saw Disturbed backed by Lacuna Coil and Killswitch Engaged(fronted By Howard Jones at the time) and they all kick major ass...even for all of them being newer bands at the time.

I saw Rush on their clockwork angels tour with my dad, and they rocked the fucking house...and if I recall it was a sold out show too. Neil Peart did a sick fucking 7 min long drumsolo towards the end of limelight before finishing off the rest of the song. And the encore was Tom sawyer...which made it even more bad ass coming back on stage to that song.

Finally, this past July I saw Ghost, who is a newer band but rapidly gaining success and popularity within the recent years, if you haven't heard of them yet and like slower, more oldschool style heavy metal you should check them out! They are a gimmicky band, but they are suppose to be and they totally embrace it instead of shaking it off like some bands do, and their whole theme is a satanic cult/church theme that just works great on stage. The frontman loves playing and interacting with the crowd, and on top of that they play with the whole church of Satan theme by handing out bread and wine to people in the pit(You only get the wine if you are in the front row with a 21 and above wristband) and on top of it all their music is fucking great! it's heavy but not super death metal heavy...its just a good experience!

So I guess in short I have never been to a bad show.
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