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Everyone... I'm gonna need some serious help. (Read 1348 times)
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Everyone... I'm gonna need some serious help.
09/16/17 at 07:31:00
Around Next week...
I am finally getting a New laptop from a friend of mine.
I am currently using a Windows 7 2007 Vaio Laptop.
I am thinking a Windows 10 laptop likely.

Now, for the problem:

I want to know what is required to have Twisted Metal 2 PC run with good performance on this Windows 10 laptop.
I am using the TMA version, the one that came with the Skin Selector program.

Also, What is needed to run that Twisted Metal editor of Marltoro's on Windows 10?

Just in case, I will need the likes of both 32 and 64 bit in these programs.

Thank you.
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Currently I am trying to understand how to modify Twisted Metal 2 PC.

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Re: Everyone... I'm gonna need some serious help.
Reply #1 - 09/16/17 at 12:50:10
I got TM2 to work on Windows 10 after enabling DirectPlay.
You have to go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows Features On and Off.
Then open the Legacy Components tab then check DirectPlay.

For the Toolkit:

You'll need the .NET Framework which you can download here:

If you get an error message about Assimp64.dll or Assimp32.dll, download this:

Future versions won't have the Assimp.dll issue.

If you want to play TM2 in 1080p then check out dgVoodoo.

I tested the Toolkit in Windows 10 and it seems to work fine. In fact, it should work on every version of Windows 7, 8, and 10.
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Twisted Toolkit

Source Code Repo
(The source code repo isn't working atm. I need to upload some missing files)

Currently working on the Map Editor
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