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Question: least Favorite TMB Vehicle?

« Created by: Pentex on: 09/06/17 at 13:33:33 »

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Least favorite Vehicle? (Read 1797 times)
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Re: Least favorite Vehicle?
Reply #15 - 09/30/17 at 10:59:42
Outlaw is probably my least favorite to use. Theres just nothing interesting going on with the car and the special is pretty boring as well.
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Re: Least favorite Vehicle?
Reply #16 - 09/30/17 at 13:49:25
If we're doing team matches, it's Minion who I hate using the most. His special gets everywhere which of course isn't just limited to your opponents. In addition to that, the special takes forever to recharge. People are bound to have their shield ready by the time you get it back.
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