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Twisted Metal 2 PC Box Scan (PS1 too) (Read 1312 times)
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Twisted Metal 2 PC Box Scan (PS1 too)
07/31/17 at 01:14:42
Hello peoples. I'm sort of doing a big personal project between me and a couple other people. Long story short, I am requesting a scan of the box for Twisted Metal 2 on PC. If the paper in the jewel case is the same as the box, then that would work too. Basically I just need a scan of that specific artwork of Sweet Tooth against that black background in a very high resolution

I am also requesting a scan of the front cover of the PS1 version of the game

My biggest priority is that the scans are scanned as-is, hopefully as clear as possible, and that the file sizes are large and the resolutions are big. The bigger the better. I've seen scans on google of both covers, but they're a bit small, and aren't as good of quality as I had hoped

If anyone can point me in the right direction and provide me a scan of at least the PC art I would be very very very appreciated. Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can help out!
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Re: Twisted Metal 2 PC Box Scan (PS1 too)
Reply #1 - 08/09/17 at 15:46:39
lost the box years ago, but i do have the instruction manual, which has the same black cover with SweetTooth's face. maybe i can help, but i'd need to borrow someone's scanner unless a high resolution picture would suffice.

just look at these tm2 pc box photos on ebay... it's in terrible condition. really doubt anyone on earth still has the box in good condition.
& this one would've worked for you if not for the glare http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/hfwAAOSwa~hZY6PE/s-l1600.jpg
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Re: Twisted Metal 2 PC Box Scan (PS1 too)
Reply #2 - 08/15/17 at 13:42:12

Got one here on sale for $185 (lol). The images are posted though for the taking.
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