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TM2 PC help (Read 937 times)
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TM2 PC help
07/27/17 at 01:15:07
Hello, friends. I seriously need help getting TM2 working on my pc. I've tried just about every thing from just mounting and playing to installing VirtualBox and WindowsXP just to try to get it working, and nothing works. The main problem i have is when i select any mode, it crashes just before the stage starts up. I've just about run out of ideas and I'm really desperate here. If anyone could help, I would be forever grateful
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Re: TM2 PC help
Reply #1 - 07/27/17 at 02:31:49

Download the game from here (sue me Sony). Place it wherever you want the game to be located on your system. Then just run the .exe as an admin. There shouldn't be any issues if you aren't running any mods. If you're running any mods you need the memory patcher, and I recommend you check out the modding thread for info.
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