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NO respect for this site anymore *READ* (Read 4525 times)
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Re: NO respect for this site anymore *READ*
Reply #60 - 08/11/17 at 09:23:06
Archminion wrote on 08/10/17 at 22:47:08:
One of Jaffe's latest tweets is a bit odd:


I don't know if he's just messing or not but that artwork was created back in the 989 days for TM4.
I spoke with the original artist and former owner of this piece (and several others). You can even see the TM4 design of ST clearly visible.


I also own it.

Seen this when he put it up and immediately knew it was from TM4. Was very obvious however the people who don't know any better will eat it up. It appears they have after seeing the replies to him. However it looks like a few people may have caught on "That looks exactly like TM 4's Sweet Tooth truck." lol. Its amazing that he is so tired of TM and the asshole hardcore crowd but will tweet stuff like this. Really just Jaffe looking for more attention.
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Re: NO respect for this site anymore *READ*
Reply #61 - 09/03/17 at 12:10:34
I don't get it, just because one person was an ass to him you got enough of the whole forum?
That's pretty childlish, don't put everyone on the same bag.
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