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Idea for a Twisted Metal Spinoff (Read 1155 times)
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Idea for a Twisted Metal Spinoff
05/02/17 at 00:08:01
If there isn't going to be another Twisted Metal game, then hopefully the creators can create a game inspired by the multiple universes and lore of Twisted Metal. My idea is a survival horror game with Needles Kane as the antagonist. The series has the tools for such a game: the games (especially Black) are set in bleak, oppressive locations, and Sweet Tooth is one of gaming's most iconic villains. I can just see it now. You're someone scared of their mind, as you are intended to be Needles' next victim. The broken ice cream truck jingle, Needles' monster clown motif, and the flaming head would be put to good use.

Who knows. If a video game based on my idea gets popular,  maybe we'll be chased by characters such as Mr. Grimm and Dollface. Possibly expand the worlds of Twisted Metal.
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Re: Idea for a Twisted Metal Spinoff
Reply #1 - 05/02/17 at 07:39:14
It's a cool idea, for sure. And the idea of a survival horror along the lines of Alien Isolation would be great. My personal preference is that I want to play as Needles, though. And not just him, but the other characters too! I really wanna see the Harbor City stuff revived... Black's universe was interesting and deep to me, even though we only had technically one game to explore it, and it was limited to one town. That's what made it more personal and isolated, though.

Again, I really like your idea, I'm just throwing in things I wanna see, too. I actually made a similar thread, but it's all about Sweet Tooth spin-off ideas. Wink
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