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what is ur fave tm game? (Read 5866 times)
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Re: what is ur fave tm game?
Reply #15 - 01/24/17 at 20:23:32
Varia31 wrote on 10/25/16 at 07:04:40:
But I do think Black is overall my favorite. Lots more characters and stories for each one,
smooth gameplay
, and more advanced techniques...

i don't know man, i love black as much as the next guy but the gameplay was barely smooth, is kinda muddy.
My favorites are either TM12/Black, love the gameplay and levels in TM12 but TMB has the characters, stories and vibe.

Sadly, i didn't grew up with the TM series as much as i would liked to, so i don't love TM 2 and 1 as much as other guys here.
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