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Interested in VR? (Read 4821 times)
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Re: Interested in VR?
Reply #15 - 12/05/16 at 06:07:40
I took some LSD the other day and tried to do PSVR. It was pretty fucking cool at first as I got super lost in playing Bound but then after like an hour I took the headset off to catch a breather and didn't realize how hard I was tripping. Being ripped out of a virtual world back to the real one was pretty jarring and had me fucked up for a bit. Needless to say I didn't bother attempting that again because honestly that was pretty intense and potentially dangerous, especially since I didn't know how potent the stuff I got was.

As scary as it was I'm probably going to attempt it again a couple more times over the next couple weeks because I'm a mad man. Gotta be a bit more cautious and prepared next time and will probably have someone else with me.

I will say though that the hour I spent playing Bound in VR while tripping was a transcendent experience that I've never had with a video game before. I've played video games while tripping plenty of times in my life but playing on a screen is different because you still have the real world in your periphery the whole time but when everything you're seeing is the game world its some next level shit.

Everyone jokes about getting lost in VR and losing touch with reality and I actually saw what that future could be like and it was frightening.
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Re: Interested in VR?
Reply #16 - 12/05/16 at 09:05:49
I've thought about doing that several times. I just don't have a person I'd trust to do it with me.
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