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Work (Read 5475 times)
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Re: Work
Reply #15 - 06/29/16 at 06:24:27
†Adonael wrote on 06/27/16 at 22:09:31:
I have an issue with current business. I would do much better owning my own store.

I believe in respecting your employees and if a customer is rude, not like the usual just a bit upset, but cussing and calling your employees names, calling them stupid bitches and everything else, they need to leave and I WILL tell them to leave.

I got told if I keep doing that I'll get fired. The business wants that extra 5 dollars and that's 5 dollars we lost.

When you work at a store that's pulling more than 5,000 in on a weekend? That 5 dollars is just a drop in the bucket. But the good workers that are going to quit for being treated so poorly and feeling devalued, you can't replace that.

The tough part about that is knowing that you defending the employees is always done in the right spirit. I've had to drop people who would fly off the handle at people for interrupting them while talking to friends.

That being said your bosses are most likely huge assholes who don't really give a shit about the employees or customers. They just know it's easier to force you all to be polite 100% of the time than show any nuance. That shit kills worker morale. Bad worker morale will hurt your customer retention. Because people can see through bullshit "OH HI WELCOME TO OUR STORE HOW CAN I HELP YOU Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley" shit compared to genuinely good service.
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Re: Work
Reply #16 - 06/29/16 at 08:01:55

The employee in question that I defended was a good employee. Always kind to customers and always does her job.

If it was one of my less competent employees I would of let them dig themselves a hole and give me a reason for firing them

A little back handed maybe.
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