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How's Life? (Read 23250 times)
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Re: How's Life?
Reply #180 - 09/21/17 at 05:09:34
Well, remember how I was talking about getting some 3D Hiro Hamada Model from a japanese woman?

Here is the final result:

..."Find a modeler who can rework the model"

She did find one in Hollywood, but then it was discovered that the guy was very busy with a movie.

thus I have turned to 2 friends from the Carmageddon community. and one of them is one of the top Professional-level amature modelers for Carmageddon.

Wish Me Luck.

I'm gonna truly need it.
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Currently I am trying to understand how to modify Twisted Metal 2 PC.

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Re: How's Life?
Reply #181 - 09/22/17 at 04:49:41
Damn...has it been a whole year since I last posted?

When I first started posting on TMA (..February(?) 2000) I was a 14 year old punk kid who had just gotten the internet the previous Spring. Fast forward 17 years later...and all the talk about having sex you never really had, thinking anything cheese-related is funny and referencing "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" transforms into "Got a god damn house payment.", "Got god damn married." and "Got the same god damn job."

I'm just glad that in the Summer of 1999 that a 13 year old version of me decided to go to AOL keyword "video games" and stumble upon the Twisted Metal 2 message boards. Some 17 year old dickhead named SN0TT ran a site (*ahem*) ...a geocities page called Twisted Metal World...which then splintered off into TMA.

Then there's dark secrets of your internet past...I seen a guy enter an AOL chat room (probably I Am An Evil Poptart) that had the name JayRock1987. I listened to "J-Rock" for about 3 days, even burning a mix CD of it on my dad's ancient burner...I found it about 3 years ago in a stack of old CD-r's that were mostly warped. That demonic god damn thing still worked...it went in the trash.

I'm still upset to this day that I could never find my copy of "Peaceful Graves" by The Nightmare Asylum (Mosh and Moopster's old band)...but a disgustingly chipper J-rock mix CD from my wonder years was still intact.

Useless trivia for the win.

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Re: How's Life?
Reply #182 - 10/06/17 at 03:46:21
Quit my miserible job. Got a new and better one. Feel happy and fulfilled.
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