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TM 2012 Vehicles in a Future TM (Read 10824 times)

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Re: TM 2012 Vehicles in a Future TM
Reply #15 - 06/15/16 at 02:03:33
Sir Isaac Nonsense wrote on 06/14/16 at 22:40:10:
I would honestly love to see Vermin make a comeback in a future TM game, since the vehicle has a memorable design that totally fits with the TM world. But if they do bring it back, it definitely needs some tweaks. The special needs to be swapped out with something else; something that's more fun to use and holds more depth, but keeps the vehicle's outstanding 1v1 capabilities as its main strength.

True - his design and concept are fitting to the Twistedverse. TM4 had a similar vehicle (Goggle Eyes).

I do hate Vermin's special, so definitely agree it'd have to go. Aside from hating how it's an auto-hit weapon- when I used that special I never thought it was all that fun. Players who were campers got the most out of the secondary special, but that whole concept of remote missile guiding IMO does not really work with high frenetic action. I didn't like the idea back in 'Rogue Trip' where it derived from (as well as the name "Vermin").
But yeah, Vermin is probably the likeliest TMX original to return in a future title. He needs a driver though. If you ever played Jaffe's new game Drawn to Death I think Alan (aka Magic Mouse) would be a fitting driver for Vermin, lol.
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