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Clans not attacking each other (Read 1843 times)
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Clans not attacking each other
07/11/15 at 04:36:54
This is something ridiculous and funny that I found out about. There are some clans that will not attack each other in a rank Team Deathmatch room. The "ECHO" clan is one of them. This can be unfair for the other people on their team that is trying to win. Clan truces shouldn't exist in rank. It's just silly to not kill someone, just because he's in the same clan as you. I'll shoot and kill anybody. The whole point of clans is to form a team of highly skilled players with each of them using different cars, to take on the other clan in unrank competitive matches. The clan tag shouldn't tell you what not to shoot.

Edit: lol, on Skid Row it was 3vs3 and one ECHO on my side and one on the enemy side. One person from both sides left and became a 2vs2. The two ECHO's were not attacking each other. Cheesy He was only going after me and the other ECHO. Some people don't wanna kill their friends.

I had to delete the thread just to edit the post. The edit button keeps disappearing.
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Re: Clans not attacking each other
Reply #1 - 08/01/15 at 05:31:18
As a general rule, I could care less about crap that happens in ranked. It's funny watching others get angry or calling out individuals/clans in ranked, since ranked drama is so petty. With that said, I'll attack anyone in ranked, but I will typically make more of a conscious effort to fight rivals over fighting my friends, mainly because I have enough experience fighting my friends already. I guess part of that comes from the fact that as a clan, we fight and practice plenty in unranked, and the reason I'll play ranked at times is simply to play against a larger variety of players. So, if there's someone decent that doesn't play unranked, I'll make an effort to engage them more often.

But yeah, clan truces in TDM are pretty dumb. Heck, Jcub and I are both each others' nemesis (we've been clanmates for years, for those unaware), so in lobbies that suck, we'll just fight and test each other since it beats newb hunting. ECHO is one of the most respectable clans around, but they're really tight-knit and I've experienced a couple matches where there seemed to be some odd coordination between them, though I think they were just working together in DM . I don't hold it against them much since they certainly attack each other in unranked, but it's kinda uncool nonetheless. The only times I'll ask for a truce with one of my clanmates is just a harass somebody who I would consider playing illegitimately, whether it be a Talon or a booster or whatever. But at that point it's not even like I'm playing to win anyways. I just want to make someone else a non-factor in how the match plays out.
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