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Twisted Metal Black: The Lost Stories - Meat Wagon (Read 3299 times)
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Twisted Metal Black: The Lost Stories - Meat Wagon
03/03/15 at 02:59:34
Name: Dr. Isaac Hall

Blackfield Asylum Patient Profile:


Info: Male

Age: 32

Disorder: Avoidant/anxious personality disorder with signs of atelophobia, separation anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder

Treatment: Behavioral and cognitive therapy, *Avoid mentioning relatives or loved ones*

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm meant to be alone my entire life.

[cut to Blackfield Asylum. The camera travels through the hall, arriving at a door marked "C-1 Solitary" as a voice speaks to the viewer]

I guess in this case, it was for the best. I mean, I'd rather be alone in here than have to deal with all of those judgmental attitudes on the outside.

[the scene then shifts to the inside of the padded cell. A man with medium length hair and a labcoat is seen in the corner. He slowly turns to the camera as the voice continues to talk, revealing that he wears square-rimmed glasses]

Besides, even if I was out, I'd never be able to see my family again. I'd never get to see my dear son...

[scene flashes to a nurse saying she's sorry, then to the doctor being forced into a police vehicle]

One day, I was thinking about what I would do to get them back, when I had a visitor.

[cue scenes with Calypso and Isaac as the voice speaks again]

He said his name was Calypso. The name caught me off guard, but what he said next surprised me even more. He said he ran some sort of contest, and the winner would be given anything they wanted.
My family...and my dear, sweet son...

[Meat Wagon is shown driving away from the asylum]

How could I refuse a chance like this?


[Minion is shown exploding. The front of the tanker lands on Meat Wagon, knocking the doctor out.]

Ironically enough, the doctors at the asylum made sure I was given therapy instead of medicine. I knew what they were trying to do, but I never caved. I never told anyone why I did what I did. There was no point in telling them anything.
But now that I was unconscious, I couldn't stop the memories from rushing back.

[scene now shows Dr Hall at a desk. His head is lowered, and his hair is obscuring his face.]

I was almost always alone. I was never really the type of person that was good at making friends. I was always unsure of myself, and I avoided people just like they avoided me.
But even so, there were these two people at work who always kept me company.

[scene shows a woman glancing at the camera as she walks down a hospital hallway, followed by a man looking at a clipboard]

Their names were Sarah and Joseph. They were the only ones in the hospital who socialized with me. I think they could tell I wasn't outgoing enough to make friends, so they went out of their way to talk to me. They were good people.
Sadly they were never able to be around when it counted. As much as they liked to talk to me, they had lives to live. They didn't have time to be around me all day.

At least, that was what I thought. But one night, they knocked on my door. Both of them. I didn't even realize they knew each other.

[scene shows the three of them sitting in Isaac's room]

I guess they realized how lonely I was, because they came to me with an idea. It was crazy, but it was so...perfect. We spent the next month or so planning it out. If it worked, I'd have a new companion and a good one at that. If it didn't, well...I guess we could just hide him.

[scene switches, showing all three of them in an operating room. They're gathered around a table, working on something.]

Joseph had secured the equipment. Sarah had secured the parts. We were going to make him ourselves. It was a one-in-a-million chance, but success would make it worthwhile. We worked most of the night, making sure not to screw anything up.

[A body is shown in the center of the table, covered in stitches. Wires are attached to his head and chest.]

As Joseph turned on the machine, I remember Sarah's hand slipping into mine. She told me that if all this worked out, she'd help me take care of him. My mind was racing, wondering whether or not it was a good thing that she was so ready to be by my side.
But before I could think about it for too long, I saw something move.

[The body is standing now, with the three doctors surrounding him. Isaac moves forward, slowly, before embracing him.]

My dear, sweet son...
I felt like we had created something special. I felt like we had become something special. I felt like, that night, we had all become family.

[Suddenly, a woman is heard screaming. The three of them turn around and see a nurse at the door of their operating room]

I guess we should have left the door closed. The woman ran off like someone had threatened her with a knife. A few minutes later, it became pretty obvious she'd called the police.

[As the police escort the three of them out of the building, Isaac is shown looking around at the crowd gathered outside.]

Everyone was looking at me like I had committed some sort of sin. Who were they to judge me? They didn't even act like I existed before now, and I did the same to them. How were they supposed to know how I felt.
When I turned to look at Sarah, she was so damn sad. She kept telling me she was sorry, and that she just wanted me to be happy. Joseph didn't speak, but I could tell from his face that he felt the same way.

I think you all know how the rest of this story goes.

[Scene shows him back in corner of the asylum, before switching to him waking up inside Meat Wagon.]

They had no right to separate us. When I win this contest, Calypso is going to give them back to me. He has to.

[The gates to Minion's Stadium open, as Meat Wagon is shown driving off.]

Don't worry, guys. We're going to be a family again.


I had finally won the contest. It was over.

[scene shows Dr. Hall standing in front of Calypso's junkyard throne.]

I asked Calypso to give me my prize. I wanted to see my newfound family again.
He told me to turn around.

[Behind Dr. Hall, Joseph and Sarah emerge from the shadows, walking towards him. Both are smiling warmly]

I knew it. I knew he would give me what I'd wanted. I was so happy at first. After all this time, we were back together.

But something was wrong.

I turned back to Calypso and asked him where my son was. He didn't say anything. I turned back to the others, and their faces made it clear that something wasn't right.

[Sarah's face bears a sorrowful expression, while Joseph looks down at his feet. Isaac slowly turns back to Calypso]

I asked him again to tell me where my son was. He told me I should sit down...
It turns out that the other doctors didn't like what we'd done with the parts Sarah had taken from their patients. They thought my son was an abomination, a freak of nature that wasn't meant to exist. So they decided to undo all of the work we'd done. They'd taken him apart and disposed of the pieces. All of them. I was never going to see my son again.

[scene now shows Isaac, Sarah and Joshua walking away from Calypso's junkyard]

I thanked Calypso for doing what he could to reunite me with my family. It was time for us to take our leave.
Even though I had been given one wish, Calypso had managed to give me another gift altogether, even if he didn't realize it.

[scene cuts to the three of them standing in front of the fully-weaponized Meat Wagon.]

I may be finished with the contest, but nobody said I couldn't keep the weapons once I had won.
Those people didn't know how to stay in their place, and now they're going to pay for putting their noses in my business. Once we're done with them, we'll make a new offspring, the same way we made the last one.

[As Meat Wagon drives into Midtown, Isaac's voice becomes more menacing.]

They're the ones who took him apart. It's only fitting that they help us make a replacement...


I made this story in an attempt to completely deconstruct a classic tale. (I think you should know which one.  Wink ) I doubt a new Twisted Metal will be made (let alone a continuation of Black) so I decided to write this to fulfill my own wish of seeing more stories in that vein.
This is the first story I've ever written and finished, so try and cut me some slack with the criticisms.  Tongue

Hope to make more of these in the future if I have time.
-Strange Minion
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Re: Twisted Metal Black: The Lost Stories - Meat Wagon
Reply #1 - 05/16/15 at 02:02:33
Pretty interesting and twisted read, but sounded like a reversal of Yellow Jacket's story to be honest.

Plus I just wanted to have my presence all over the front page.
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Re: Twisted Metal Black: The Lost Stories - Meat Wagon
Reply #2 - 06/07/15 at 15:53:56
†Adonael wrote on 05/16/15 at 02:02:33:
Pretty interesting and twisted read, but sounded like a reversal of Yellow Jacket's story to be honest.

Shit, I didn't even realize that while I was writing. There're definitely similarities, now that I've read it again. Lol
(EDIT: I also realized I gave one of the characters two names on accident. Don't look for that part. lol)

Oh well. Glad you were entertained, even if only a little.
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