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New sex moves (Read 2161 times)
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New sex moves
01/26/13 at 19:42:24
Make up a sexual position or move.

Steamy Wonder: Pooping on your partner with the lights out or blindfolded.
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Re: New sex moves
Reply #1 - 01/27/13 at 09:42:21
Fine. Drag me out to make me look like some perverted fuck.

Stinkbox Stuffer-- Use various kitchen utensils up the butt.

Paste And Taste-- Eat someones unwiped ass.

Booby Sling-- Having breasts smacking you in the face while you masturbate.

Tea And Crumpets-- Have someone clean the space between your ballsack and asshole with thier tounge.

Spoon The Poon-- Litterally use a spoon to scoop pussy juice.

Devils Bakery-- Eat shit. Litterally.

The Golden Fliece-- Urinate in the mouth instead of Semen.

In the Pole Hole--Use various large, long round objects in various holes.

Around Your World-- Put your cock in every body opening she has.

The Big Punishment-- Put your arm all the way up to your elbow in ass, vagina, or mouth. Continue to go all the way up to shoulder if you can.

Sit And Spin-- Hang her from a ceiling fan, and have her ride you.

From The Top Rope-- From a dresser or the headboard, jump off and with a hard cock, and target the mouth. Bonus points trying asshole or vagina.

Play With Me-- Have an orgy with multiple Female blow up sex dolls.

Take It Like A Chump-- Have an orgy with Male blow up sex dolls.

Semen, Pee or Me?-- Have partner decide what they want to drink out the condom, or no condom at all.

The Personal Touch-- Have sex in a highly public place.

I'll see if I can cum up with more later. Those were just on the fly, off the top of my head.
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Re: New sex moves
Reply #2 - 12/04/16 at 07:56:43
Slam and Jam - Suplex that leads to a dick in the ass. No lube needed.

Blind as a bat - Cum in both of her eyes.

A B C's - Have her\him say the A B C's with your cock in her mouth, Thrusting occasionally to mess her\him up. If they gag force the head down to the base and start again.
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