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The Twisted Tale of Talon (Read 2398 times)

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The Twisted Tale of Talon
12/17/12 at 20:15:08
Once was a vagabond
Who ended up as Talon
The Twisted Metal pain in the ass
helicopter engaged in car combat
This vagabond was once unemployed
For years and years a broken toy
Being kicked around the sidewalk
Spit on by all the rich folk
Until a man named Calypso
Offered him a window
Of opportunity and a deal was made
Unknowingly with the devil.

The vagabond was given lots of money
And an armed helicopter once owned by Ch. 4
As long as he entered and won Twisted Metal
Against formidable auto-vehicular foes.

When it came down to action,
Talon didn't have to worry about traction
He flew like a bird of prey
Gunning down his enemies
A vehicle named Vermin came very close
To turning Talon to toast
But the chopper's magnet
Put vermin out of action...
Tossing him away
in a freezing Metro (Square) lake.

"I won!" screamed the driver of Talon.
"I'm going to keep this beautiful chopper"
The driver of Talon was riding sky high...
Until it took a nose dive...
"AHHHH!!!" screamed the man
As he crashed towards the land.
The chopper exploded,
and the vagabond burned.

"What a pity" said Calypso.
"He should have wished for more fuel.
Maybe Twisted Metal
wasn't made for flying fools."

(Twisted poetry by Mosh_TMA)
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Re: The Twisted Tale of Talon
Reply #1 - 12/19/12 at 18:42:28
That's just awesome.
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Re: The Twisted Tale of Talon
Reply #2 - 12/20/12 at 06:43:44

Pretty funny dude. Good stuff. [/color]
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