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Death Warrant-Twisted Metal Black 2 (Read 1765 times)
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Harbor City-USA.
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Death Warrant-Twisted Metal Black 2
07/25/12 at 11:15:37
Driver: Alfonso Chitarez
Short Description: Alfonso Chitarez,Mexican-born drug runner,smuggler,and part-time gun for hire,fights for his life after he learns that the whole criminal underworld of USA wants him dead.Alfonso joins the Twisted Metal competition,regardless of invitations,to fullfill his wish.
Vehicle: Alfonso rides his signature,and trademark vehicle,a fifth-generation Chevy Camaro,Equipped With Gatling Guns..Death Warrant's Special is a machine-HE-grenade launcher.
(Camera Shows A wavey-haired Hispanic Man,On Early 30's,Driving the Death Warrant,In The Night)
Alfonso: The war isn't over yet.It only just begun.
(Camera Pans To Alfonso,In A Middle On A Gangwar)
Alfonso: I Always Ran...but not anymore......
(Camera Flashes To Death Warrant Running Away From The Cops)
Alfonso: Regardless of invitation,I'll Claim my prize on this one..
(Camera flashes back to Alfonso,reading a news about the Harbor City Tournament,and flashes back again,showing Death Warrant,Heading To Harbor city)
(Camera shows minion explodes,sending a chunk of steel hitting death warrant,knocking Alfonso Out)
Alfonso: Boom! Who's knockin' me out? Well,I Didn't want to remember my deeds again,but..here we go.
(Camera Flashes back to alfonso,in a nightclub,with his friends,and "escorts".)
Alfonso:I'm A Runner,And A Gunner..Well,I'm The Best in the whole USA...but..I screwed things up.
(Camera shows alfonso,destroying warehouses,safehouses,and killing gang members)
Alfonso:And So was it.the underworld of USA hates me now..luckily enough,I've found this contest named "Twisted Metal",A Demo Derby..that if you won..well..you've get anything what you wanted!
(Camera shows photographs of gang bosses,fades out to alfonso,waking up,and death warrant drives away from minion's stadium)
(The Adjudicator Blows up,and collapses)
Alfonso: Damn,that's a hell of a week.
(Camera shows death warrant,crashes in to calypso's junkyard)
Alfonso: That man,who claims to be the host of this tourney,well..quite shocked,seeing a uninvited guest.
(Camera shows alfonso,and calypso,aiming guns to each other)
Alfonso: Well,he surenderred.I only want one price.
(Camera shows calypso,handshaking with Alfonso)
Alfonso: Well,Me,And Calypso Gonna'Bust some skulls up,creating our own gang..and..things didn't go well
(Camera shows calypso&alfonso killing gang members,and flashes to more groomed-alfonso and calypso,arguing in the top of a skyscraper)
Alfonso: Ooops,I pushed down C-man,and he goes skyfallin'.Well,thank you for listening my story..
(Camera shows Alfonso,pushing calypso to his death,screen pans out,revealing a sign,"Calypso Industries" on the building)
(TMB2 logo shows,credits+sympathy for the devil plays)
My Inspiration Goes From My-Perception of Death Warrant,deeming it as a Drug Runner-Gun For Hire-Esque Car..Comments Are Appreciated!!!
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"In a place like Midtown, well who knows what kind of trouble an ol' redneck like me could get into?"    óBilly Ray Stillwell, Twisted Metal: Black "A Deathmatch-Battle Royale Demolition Derby,Bill."-Me
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