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Crazy 8-Twisted Metal Black 2 (Read 3364 times)
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The Fear Of Blood Made
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Crazy 8-Twisted Metal Black 2
07/24/12 at 11:08:25
Driver: Frank "No Face" McCutcheon
Short Description:
After the first contest,and after teaching that doctor not to mess with him,No-Face,now making a living on a freakshow circus.No-Face,who felt a "dullness" inside him,tried back to joining the ring,once again..but,when he's on the Gym,training,again..something bad,happened.
Vehicle: No-Face Still Rides His old-trusty Morris 1953,equipped with plethora of weapons,and decent armor.No-Face's Special is a omni-directional tazer,launched by 10 magnetic spool wires that will attach themselfs to the enemy,delivering hundreds of volts to enemy's car.
-----------Prolouge Cutscene-----------
No-Face: My dad told that honesty are the key to success,my dad said.Well,He's wrong.really wrong.
(Camera shows No-Face,lifting weight on a gym)
No-Face: Well,thanks god I have this "Special Ability" that comes handy on that twisted metal tournament.
(Camera flashes to Crazy 8,fighting other contestants)
No-Face: Few dead,few survives that contest..and for those who survived,like me...they've got their prizes,just like me.
(Camera flashes to No-Face beating the doctor.)
No-Face: But,is my life is simply cursed or what,that flaggin' son of a bitch turns up,still kicking,...no,no I aint referring to that gambling addict doctor,but that cheater who beats me up,resulting you know....my.."Special Condition".
(Camera(on the right side of no-face) shows no face,now with more muscular build,walking among the other gym visitors,heading to the locker.)
No-Face: *laughs* He Cheated that day.now...he'll pay,luckily he came to me,again.
(Camera shows calypso,entering the gym,(camera pans to calypso)).
No-Face: Calypso,my saviour from the destroyed Midtown,invites me to joining his demo-derby tourney again,and he promises that man will pay for his lies...
(Camera shows No-Face,handshaking with calypso)
No-Face: Here comes blood. Here comes blood.
(Camera pans out,revealing Crazy 8,heading to Harbor City.)
(Camera shows minion exploding,sending a chunk of steel,hitting crazy 8,and knocking No-Face Out)
No-Face: Knocked out,again.It Is Just me,but why after I beat a vehicle 5 times bigger than me,I always knocked out cold? By the way,lemme continue my story.
(Camera shows photographs of No-Face on a Freakshow,and circus,even a newspaper)
No-Face: After the previous tournament,well..I can live a well,decent,life,thanks to that freakshow.
(Camera shows No-Face,bowing to the audience)
No-Face: Kids Really Likes Me..so the freakshow owner,sends me to a four-star grade,circus,where I drives my car,as a attraction.
(Camera shows Crazy-8,stunts in a various courses.)
No-Face: But I feel this,dullness inside me,rapidly destroying my life..Man,I want to be a boxer again! So I joined the gym again,and participates..but that guy,comes again,out of the blue,shattering my mind.
(Camera shows a boxer,with his friends and two scantily-clad girls following the boxer,standing in front of the training no-face.)
No-Face: That guy.that motherfucker who beats me up..I can sense him...he was the one who took my life out..but I've learned something.He CHEATS ON THAT NIGHT,by paying the officials,filling his gloves with tungsten,officially beating the hell out of me!
(Camera shows the boxer's misdeeds)
No-Face: Now...I will have my revenge.
(No-Face Awakes,speeds out from the stadium)
(The Adjudicator Explodes,and collapses)
No-Face: I Win....I..Win!
(Camera shows No-Face,entering Calypso's junkyard)
No-Face: but...NO! It can't be! Calypso,you..god...
(Camera shows Calypso,full of bruises,neck twisted 180 degrees)
(Camera shows the boxer,sitting on Calypso's throne)
No-Face: That Chump..He..Will Pay..And..Calypso,thanks.
(Camera Shows No-Face,Fighting the boxer)
No-Face: Well,that's a tough one. But..well,I won..
(Camera Shows No-Face,winning the fight,dumping the boxer,and calypso's body at a crusher in calypso's junkyrard)
No-Face: That's my story.. I'm Frank McCutcheon,and I Thanking you for playing twisted metal.
(Camera shows no-face,lifting a champion's belt,while being carried with his teams.)
My inspiration is..well..My "opinion" and depiction  of No-Face,(plus my favouritism on him),putting him as a over-all good-guy.Comments are really accepted!
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"In a place like Midtown, well who knows what kind of trouble an ol' redneck like me could get into?"    óBilly Ray Stillwell, Twisted Metal: Black "A Deathmatch-Battle Royale Demolition Derby,Bill."-Me
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