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Glasgow Smile-Twisted Metal Black 2 (Read 2220 times)
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Glasgow Smile-Twisted Metal Black 2
07/11/12 at 05:41:33
Glasgow Smile
Driver: Arthur "Canio" Porters
Short Description:
Arthur Porters was an ordinary man,working as a world-renowned opera singer,living with his ordinary family,until something worse happened.One day,Arthur discovered his wife,cheating with a fellow opera singer,Arthur,in a fit of rage murders his wife,and his friend,and framing it to his friend.Arthur's next,and final peformance was the opera of "Paggliacci".Arthur discovered smilarities beetween him,and the main character,"Canio",he become obsessed,and finally..develops his alter-ego,the clown vigilante named "Canio".(His Motives on joining Twisted Metal Will be revealed on the. Ending cutscene)
Car: A heavily modified Chevrolet van,with gatling guns on the sides..His Special is 2 75 cal gatling guns,mounted in the top of the car.
* Vesti La Giubba Plays(The Opera Music on No-Face's Cutscene)*
Canio: They say I'm a monster.They say I'm a monster.
*Camera show Blackfield Asylum in a distance,scrolls to inside,as Canio speaks.
*Camera scrolls into asylum quarters,ends in front of a guard sitting,and reading a newspaper,in front of cell A4-CN*
*Camera shows a early 40's fat man,in a black-and white clown costume,kneeling,crying*
Canio: I Do what I must do..I Do,what they can't do..that clown bastard wouldn't be a nuisance anymore,when I finally can break my way out,from this hellhole..
*Camera Shows Calypso,Grinning,behind the crying Canio*
Canio: But one day,I had a visitor...his name was Calypso..I've read files,and dossiers bregarding him.He says he runs a contest,a demolition-derbyesque contest..if I won,I can take that freakshow out!.....
*Screen shows Calypso giving the keys to the Glasgow Smile,They Handshakes* *Screen shows Glasgow Smile Speeding out from Blackfield Asylum*
Canio: Now...I Must Put My Costume,Powder My Face,Since I'm A Clown.
-----Middle Cutscene------
*Camera shows Minion(I'll Write About him later) Explodes,and a piece of steel,flying to Glasgow Smile,hitting it,and Knocking Canio Out*
Canio: I Always wanted to keep that day,away from my memory..but now,I can't keep myself to stop thinking about that day!
*camera shows Canio,without his clown attire,in a suit,singing in a stage,in front of the audiences*
Canio: I Was a respected singer,honored opera singer,back in the old times...and a father,of a happy family..
*Screen shows a family photograph of Canio's family,covered in blood*
Canio: Before that day happened.
*Camera shows Canio,murdering her wife*
Canio: I Was able to covering my works..getting away,and..my final act...
*Screen shows Canio,singing in his costume,in front of the audience*
Canio: And that's when I choose to kill those imbecile badguys..
*Camera shows newspaper collages documenting Canio's Works*
Canio: Now,I will finish my war..
*Camera shows Canio Wakes up,and leaving the Stadium*
-----Ending Cutscene------
*Camera Shows The Adjudicator(I'll Write about him later) Explodes,and collapses*
*Camera shows canio,driving away to Calypso's Junkyard*
Canio: I Won.I..Won.I..WON! *laughs*
*Camera Shows Canio,standing in front of calypso's throne*
Canio: I Asked For My Prize...That Freakshow named Sweet Tooth.
*Camera Shows Calypso,Opening a door,and Canio Enters..*
Canio: So,that day,I Choose to kill that son of-a bitch,my dead-wife's lover...
*Screen Flashes back to Canio,Standing In Front Of The Singer's Mansion*
Canio: But..that clown motherfucker beats my way in! Murdering everyone,even my target,and framing me for this,putting me on that hellhole named Blackfield!
*Screen shows Canio,Holding Sweet-Tooth's Machete*
Canio: But Know,I Will have my revenge.
*Camera Shows Canio,walking towards a unarmed sweet-tooth,in a playland-esque room*
*camera shows Canio,killing sweet tooth,and decapitating him as a trophy*
Canio: But that calypso is a fool....a big fool..soon,Harbor City Will know my name..
*Camera shows Canio,stabbing calypso,and the camera flashes away to Glasgow Smile,Speeding Away*
*twisted metal black 2 logo shown,credits accompanied by Highway To Hell By AC/DC*

I Designed Canio from the Opera "Paggliacci",virtually making him TM-Ized. (Vesti La Giubba, A song on the opera is featured on No-Face's Cutscene)..Rate N' Comment!
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