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Twisted Metal Black 2 (Read 1636 times)
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Twisted Metal Black 2
07/10/12 at 09:00:23
Well,hello guys.To mark my first post,i will write a fanfic,about the cancelled twisted metal we all love,TM:Harbor City. (I Will Designate it as TM:Black 2)..Enjoy.


Calypso: Needles...Needles.Choosing to continuing his works,rather than drinking that poison i made for him.    
*screen flashes to calypso,mixing unknown chems in the vial prepared for Needles Kane*
*screen flashes shows a wrinkly hand holding a wound,blood still dripping*
*screen zooms out,showing Calypso,walking faintly,in the ruins of midtown*
Calypso: My little contest proved to be a amusement,for me...but inviting that clown-freak is the worst decision i made....
*screen shows calypso's "Final moments",back on sweet-tooth's ending on TMB*
*screen shows calypso,standing in top of a cliff,looking to Harbor City*
Calypso: Harbor City........Might be a perfect place,for the next game..
*screen zooms to calypso's sunkened eye,zooms out,showing Calypso,sitting on his throne,in a junkyard on Harbor City.*
Calypso: Hereby I Welcome You,To Twisted Metal......Harbor City...

*the logo of twisted metal black 2 appears,intro (starting by sweet-tooth speeding in a deserted highway,ended by Brimstone,stops in the "Death Port" (Its All Left On Your Imaginations,what the other cutscenes on the intro looks like) (accompanied with "Sympathy For The Devil",By The Rolling Stones)*

Characters On The Next Posts! Well..comments will be appreciated!
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"In a place like Midtown, well who knows what kind of trouble an ol' redneck like me could get into?"    óBilly Ray Stillwell, Twisted Metal: Black "A Deathmatch-Battle Royale Demolition Derby,Bill."-Me
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