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the anarkists (Read 1858 times)
the killer clown
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the anarkists
06/06/12 at 20:55:11
begining:a man named hunter turned on his radio in his old jaguar and began singing along to his ravorite song " I AM AN ANTICRHIST I AM AN ANARKIST!!!!" when the song was changed in to a newscast "there appears to be a large amount of armored vehicles in the blackfield arena" THATS SOUNDS FUN!!" he said before him and his gunner began laughing maniaccly. and began hightailing it to blackfield.
mid: hunter found a note tied to his windshield "oh goddang it not another parking ticket and he found a not"dear hunter without our godly leader sweet tooth we need a leader so why not you?" sincerely the clowns" wow crap just got real
end: hunter entered calypsos office calypso said "what is your wish?" why i was just here for fun and i thank you for playing twisted metal? he said before pulling a revolver to calypsos head

vehicle name:mobster
speacial weapon: pineapple greanades alt:street sweeper
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Re: the anarkists
Reply #1 - 06/07/12 at 07:16:52
[quote]"Just a quick reference.
08/10/10 at 06:31:38     For those of you who DON'T frequent this board much, and haven't had the pleasure of reading fics, you'll notice it's not uncommon to have to double/triple/quadruple reply to keep the author's story continuous.

So long as that situation happens because of a story, it's perfectly acceptable. Those of you who have been to this board, or written on this board many times to write stories, have noticed that rule is very leinent here.

It's the only board where it is, due to the amount of charactors you can have in one post/reply. Obviously people are gonna write stories longer than the 9500 or so your allotted.

So it's ok to double reply or more, so long as it's needed to continue a story.

This is the FYI department....and you've been FYI'ed.


I actually want it to be known that anyone can write stories and I encourage peoples creativity but, if they aren't in a good sentance structure and spelling is horrendus, please refrain from doing so. Not to be a prick but honestly, noone will read a story like that. FYI so noone gets upset at getting bashed.

FYI x2" [quote]

This is the attached quote from the Referance post.

Sorry to say but, this isn't a story. It's like a summary.
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