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Rate My Custom Character With Ending Script (Read 3334 times)
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Rate My Custom Character With Ending Script
04/09/12 at 18:13:10
Character Example:

Character: Torch
Name: Steve Ray
Display: 5/6inches  Short sleeves and a scar on his forehead white
Car: A Red Nissan Frontier
Weapon Display: 2 50. Cal machine guns on the sides and nails attached to the front... Turbos in the back and a huge block in the back seats holding all the weapons.
Problems: Torch hates life, medicine can't treat him, like a lost cause

A. -Torch's Ending-

Summary: As you speed off to the garage, you notice that you have scars and skims and scratches on your car, You are waiting for instructions to meet the Man of 1000 Souls.


Torch: (Speeds up to the garage and waits for instructions on what next, the lights turn on and you spot him on a stand on top of a Twisted Metal billboard)
"There you are Calypso, I won your contest...(Calypso cuts him)

Calypso: "Yes I know you less of a Chromosome monkey. Well then just one more thing...ahhh...there it is!" (Calypso throws a contract at Steve and Steve catches it) "Just sign on the Put Your Name line and your prize is granted" ( As he was speaking, drops of waste and sewage came from the ceiling and now the place smelled horrible)

Torch: "Now I'm guessing this is a trick Calypso(Pulls out a glock) And I'm guessing this is like one of them sign my soul to the devil HIMSELF!"(Calypso sighs and shook his head)

Calypso: "Pity how such a man with a huge desire will come to the end and say I can't thy grant wish... Well then.... If you don't want the wish then I have no choice but to send you off. Hopefully I'll make best of your, New life" 

Torch: "Awhhh damn it! Fine you good for nothin, I'll sign it!"(Torch signs the contract and throws it to Calypso's feet. Calypso picks it up,smiles with a hideous smile.)

Calypso: Thank You, for playing Twisted Metal! As you probably seen with my other contests, the contestant leaves and enters their dreams... Now go on and enjoy a new life with the actual right parents!

Torch: (Torch looks behind him and sees a door open and inside is nothing but green lights) "I guess I have no choice..."(Torch goes trough the door and in a flash, it is dark and after 9 months you are reborn and have a wonderful family, but with his wondering eye he sees a man he'd seen before...)

Calypso: "It brings tears to my eyes to see a baby boy that looks like one of my own contestants from last year!"(Calypso picks up the reborn baby and kisses it on the fore head) "You'll be perfect with me!"(Torch cries and try's to get off and so after 15 years of hard and triumph escapes Torch finally  gets a car that looked like his before.

Ending: As Torch speeds off he realized he can re-enter the contest for another wish and hopefully-

Calypso: "-And hopefully you'll come back to daddy!" (Calypso starts laughing. Then after a short time he picks up a family photo of Torch and Calypso smiling and then Calypso sheds a tear.) "Pity..."

What do you think!

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Re: Rate My Custom Character With Ending Script
Reply #1 - 01/12/22 at 14:37:15
cool way to give calypso a (kinda?) kid but not really his kid lol
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