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twisted metal universes (Read 3198 times)
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twisted metal universes
03/12/12 at 14:32:21
this would be a remake of tm1, tm2, tmho and tm black all in one game as far as the levels and characters go while connecting and continueing some of the stories

the story revolves around black capturing calypso(tmb) for current calypso

there are 4 universes
tm2012 (the real calypso)
and the painting contains the other universes
tm 1 is its own universe
tmb is its own universe
and tm2 and head on share a universe

ok before i actually explain the over all story i am going to characterize some of the characters a little bit, (this is all assuming that dark side won tm 1, manslaughter won tmb, sweet tooth is on the verge of winning tmho, )

the real calypso, the calypso from tm2012, the most powerful of all the calypso's, he controls black a

calypso 1, is the calypso from tm1, he was put in charge by the real calypso but is unsure of the real calypso's intent and is the weakest of all the calypso's

calypso 2, is the real calypso's representitive for the tm 2 and ho universe and is aware of the other universes but does not understand that they are in a painting, he is powerful and is aware of the sweet tooth mask hat was created by calypso 3 and its intent to overthrow him but can not do anything to stop it

calypso 3, the calypso from tmb, he over threw the real calypso's original representative from this universe, he is not as powerful as the real calypso but is powerful enough to confuse him and attempt to overthrow him in act universe, calypso 3 created the sweet tooth mask, and is aware of every other universe and the other calypsos

sweet tooth/needles kane is a mask that is present in every universe, made by calypso 3 in an attempt to overthrow the other calypsos

mr ash was created with the intent of being a spy by the real calypso after tmb universe was overthrown by calypso 3 ,he can travel from universe to universe freely, mr ash is as powerful as calypso 3, he is completely loyal to the real calypso

black is a demon/ tmb contestant, he was brought to the tmb univrse by mr. ash and is under control of the real calypso entirely who is trying to kill calypso 3

the preacher, is delusional, he sees no difference between the painting, tmb and tm 2012 universe,manipulated by calypso 3, he was brought to the tmb universe, and was told that he was freed from the universe that the real calypso imprisoned him in for protesting, he is given demonic powers and is sent back to the tm2012 universe to free everyone from the painting, this is an attempt by calypso 3 to gain more power y having every one released in to the tmb universe

marcus kane, is the conspiracy theorist in the tm1, tm2/ho and tmb universes, he is aware that none of it is real but he can not explain himself

Sophie Kane, resurrected by the real calypso to protect himself from sweet tooth

charlie kane, spared is now sweet tooth and is another attempt by calypso 3 to kill the real calypso

minion, a failed attempt by calypso 3 to overthrow calypso 1 and 2

how the story mode would work
it would be based on each characters
the unimportant characters would get moving comic cut scenes and only a story mode in the universe they belong to

there would be main stories for
calypso 3 which would involve needles kane, preacher and minion
the real calypso which would contain mr ash, black, and sophie kane, and calypso 2
Marcus Kane going from universe to universe with the wish of waking up from this nightmare

while all of this is going on there are still other contestants with much less important stories which would not connect from universe to universe

every car in a past twisted metal game is again in this one with act version of the car specific to its original univrse

ill fix this up later, i g2g
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