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Twisted Metal 2012 - mortimer scharf - (Read 3358 times)
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Twisted Metal 2012 - mortimer scharf -
03/10/12 at 15:51:58
Name: Mortimer Scharf
Car: hearse
Car name: Shadow
Faction: The Goths
Wish: To get his grand daugter back


Mortimer: my son....was a good man, but that whore of a wife...im sure had a hand in his death.

Driveing pass several building with his wanted picture on them, he drives pass several streets lights flickering n every blood on the walls drip down.

Mortimer: i seek out her friends as well others who lost family cause of the hell in this world he brought.

Thundet roars n lighting flashes

Radio: 2 officers had dissaperd, brother n sister i might add...what a dan shame.

Moonlight sonata plays

Mortimer: well it seems this old bag of bones have to show these youngsters how we did it old school.

Stage one

Calypso: well come to twisted metal, my name is calypso...distroy all to progress.

Stage two

Calypso: arnt you to old two be hanging around kids

Mortimer: arnt you to old to play games.

Calypso: ha-ha-ha

Stage 3

calypso: you have to race to win, or die trying.


Mortimer: Sally....you where the gem of my life, i accepted your choice in friends, but your mother n step father did not... No they kicked you out of your house and sold your belongings to feed there addiction.

Shows sally being beating before runing to grand father for comfert, years pass and shiws a letter from her that she entered Twisted Metal and that her step father n her mother raped n killed kelly.

Mortimer: as i watch the news of the contest, she won but she goes by raven now, it did not take long for me to know what she wish for... Hours latter they found there nodies of what was left of them.

Stage four

Calypso: i knew your Raven very well, she was a fine peace of a..


Calypso: very well.

Stage five

Calypso: your almost done, one more fight after this.

Stage six

Calypso: Jamie Roberts...lost her brother and she took it (Warhawk appears) not so well.


Mortimer: i have one and to meet the devil him self and ask what happend to my grand baby.

He walks in with his cane n spots Sweet Chick sitting on his desk.

Calypso: so you want your grand daughter Raven back...yes?

Mortimer: WRONG.

He shoots the girl out the window and then chants.

Calypso: what are you doing?

Calypso is hit with a wave n blocks his powers, then the screams grew louder n the painting glows n shakes. N a blue light flashes.

Standing in front of calypso who is mortal now where the souls he inslave n some are familyer faces.

Preacher: lets get that...son of a unholy bitch.

They all charge at him and as he screams Mortimer n Raven walk out the building,

Raven: Thank you for freeing me grandpa...but didnt you also free thoes who the world is glad to be rid of?

Mortimer: A small price to get you back my dear.

camer then goes above the mob n out the window n goes down where Sweet Chick fell several hours later her eyes glows.

_debut song_

Boss theme: Manslughter
Stage: desiel city

"im certenly not or be forgotten"
"all thoes who where killed, you shall fell there wrath"
"after this im takeing a dirt nap"
"eye for an eye and blood for blood"
"this is anti clamatic ant it"
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